Gadgets to Make Your Home Great

Having a great home means more than just stellar design, you need to incorporate things that will make your family’s life more enjoyable and easier. These gadgets can make your home stand out, and give it a cutting edge and futuristic feel whilst making your life easier.

Music Entertainment System

If you and your family enjoy music then you can get a home music entertainment system. People usually go for a TV entertainment system, which if fine, but a music system has its perks too. You can get multi-room systems which play music throughout various rooms, meaning moving from the living room to the kitchen doesn’t stop you listening to your favourite tunes. You can now stream music to different parts of the house, so you don’t need to trail awful wires throughout your home. You can even listen to different music on each speaker, which can keep everyone happy. There are many multi-room systems available, here are some of the best.

Get A Doorbell Camera

These a superb gadgets that let you view on your smartphone whoever is at your door. Triggered by a motion sensor, the camera will come to life and ping a live feed to your phone. It’s great if you’re away from home and want to see who you have missed. It also means you can check who’s at the door before going to answer it, meaning you can avoid those pesky salespeople. It also gives you some good security, knowing your phone will notify you in the middle of the night if there is someone at the front door trying to break in. There are differing models out there so it may be prudent to check some doorbell camera reviews before committing to a purchase


Home Heating Apps

Did you ever leave home and forget to turn the heating off? The issue is a thing of the past. Nowadays, you can control your home from your phone, turning it up down or off altogether. It also means, on those cold winter days, that you can turn your heating on before getting home, leaving you happy to come home to an already warmed home. It can also help you save money and energy. It can also save your pipes from freezing, certain apps will automatically heat your home when the temperature drops below 7 degrees, ensuring no lasting lasting damage to your heating system.

Wireless Plant Monitor

Are you one of those plant lovers? Some people prefer internal plants than external, and if so you should try a wireless plant monitor. Place it in the ground next to your plant and it’ll measure sunlight, temperature and water, ensuring you’re notified via your smartphone when one of these become an issue, it’ll tell you when it needs water, for example. A great gadget for plant lovers and home makers alike. You can use a few of these around the home to make sure your plants all stay healthy year around, giving your home that addition burst of colour.

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