Five Awesome Child-Rearing Hacks Every Parent Should Know About!


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Nobody every said that having children was easy, and indeed after a seemingly endless series of midnight wake-ups, temper tantrums, messy playtimes and inevitable boo-boos, many parents will find themselves asking for some shred of help. Don’t despair though; there are loads of ways a parent’s life can be made easier – here are five of our favourites!

Cargo Pants

If you’re bored of lugging around a carry-all that weighs a tonne and has an innate ability to crash in to passers-by, try passing some of the effort on to a pair of cargo trousers! With a million different pockets at your disposal, you’ll be able to easily compartmentalise every item required – just make sure to wear a belt!


Sometimes the old “do your homework or you won’t get any sweeties” routine just isn’t enough to incentivise the kids. Instead, try rewarding them, which can be as simple as changing a bedtime routine! Give them promises like “whoever finishes their homework first gets the top bunk!” If you need a bunk bed, Bedstar has a great range online that will suit all budgets.


Kids don’t like healthy food. It’s a simple fact that scores of parents are well aware of, and one that can often prove agonising at mealtimes. There’s a great way to make sure your kids get their fruits, vegetables and smoothies though; put sprinkles on them! Colourful and indicative of, let’s face it, far more fun and exciting ice cream, this tip can work wonders, improving children’s diets and making the parenting job a little easier in the process.


From personal experience, I can tell you that shoe shopping with three young boys in tow can be a very, very tedious experience. Pangs of boredom, wishes to exit the leathery store and go somewhere far more interesting; it’s understandable, but there’s a hack you can use to get around the problem if the tiresome prospect of a shoe-shopping is just too much to bear. Get some paper, trace around your kids’ feet, cut out the feet and go to the shoe shop alone. Chances are your kids will be perfectly happy with the shoes that they’re given, and the shoes will fit perfectly!

Shampoo Holders

Drive-thru is a fun treat kids love, but can quickly become a drag when food scraps begin falling everywhere and drinks are spilled. To counter this before it even occurs, get a shampoo holder (they look like this) and the problem of spillages will be solved!

Do you know of any great parenting hacks we haven’t touched upon? Let us know what they are in the comments section!

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  1. Oh I like the shampoo holder idea and I’m not one for cargos but I have found a small cross body bag really useful. My son loves fruit and veggies but I suspect the sprinkles will have to come out for my daughter when she is older! 🙂

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