Family Games with Hasbro and Pork Farms

The week starting 24th April was National Board Games Week and to celebrate we were sent ‘Guess Who’ to play one evening.

Board games are something we haven’t actually played with yet because the boys are too young for most of them. However, although ‘Guess Who’ is aimed at children aged 6+, I figured with the help of Graham and me they would be fine. I may have been a little optimistic about that however! We did seem to spend most of the time playing it saying ‘no, you need to leave that one open’, but it was lovely to sit down as a family and do something together that didn’t involve technology.


The new Guess Who features all the same characters as the version I had as a child, many years ago, but you can flick it over and there is a whole new set of animal characters, which the kids preferred. Even better, you can go online and print off additional character sheets once you get bored of the ones that are included!


During National Board Games week, Pork Farms launched a competition for people to win a family board games bundle and a year’s supply of delicious pork pies. You can read more about that by clicking here.

Although our games night wasn’t quite as successful as we would have hoped, we are looking forward to a time when the boys are old enough to sit and really understand and enjoy a game or two!

*We were sent Guess Who for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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