Preparing for a Family Adventure

One of our favourite things to do is get out and about exploring on a weekend, whether it is to a new park, a new city, the forest or even a trip to the seaside. Our kids love being outdoors and finding new places, so we do it often as we can. It’s taken us a few years, and lots of mini-disasters but I think we have finally nailed being prepared for an adventure. Autumn is one of the best times of years to go out on an adventure – everything is just a little bit prettier and more colourful – so I thought I would share some of these tips with you.

Preparing for a family adventure |


Preparing for a Family Adventure

  • Be prepared for all weathers: We live in Britain, where you can swing from torrential rain and hurricane force winds to scorching sunshine in about twenty minutes flat. Remembering this, and being prepared can make or break an adventure. For example, today it is the middle of September, it is about 27 degrees outside and blue skies. Theoretically, if we were to go out for the day today, all we would need are shorts and t-shirts, sunhats and suncream. However, there’s not a chance in hell I would go out for an adventure today or any day without making sure we all had a hoodie or jumper in the car and a waterproof jacket because the weather could change with very little warning.
  • Spare clothes: If you have young children, this is a must, although I admit it caught us out quite recently. We ended up having to dash to a local Asda whilst we were 130 miles away from home to buy Ben a pair of shorts after a leaky pull up (first one ever, typical!). I now make sure I have a bag with a change of outfits for all three of them in the car, just in case.
  • Plenty of food and drink: We usually take a picnic if we are going out for the day, otherwise it can get rather expensive, but even if we are planning to buy food, I always make sure we fill the kids beakers up with some squash before we go, and have some juice cartons in the boot. We usually have some crisps or biscuits in the car as well. I think it’s good practice to do this anyway, in case of unexpected delays or breakdown
  • First aid kit: not a full one, but in our ‘day out’ backpack we keep some plasters and antibacterial wipes.
  • Carrier bags: We take a couple of carrier bags with us, to put rubbish in from our picnics in, or to put any leftovers in. They’re also useful for putting any wet or dirty clothes in to transport home, or if the kids have collected any ‘interesting things’ like conkers, shells and pine cones.

What are your top tips for preparing for a family adventure?


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  1. Oh these are great tips. We always bring a picnic or it gets so expensive . I also had a weather fail today and I was only on the school run! When I left it was sunny and by the time we arrived it was a full on thunder storm!

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