Everything You Need To Know For The Best Night’s Sleep

If you’re anything like me, sleep can be quite elusive sometimes. With such a hectic lifestyle and so many things to think about, at times thoughts and worrying can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. But all is not lost! Here are some hints and tips for how you can get a great night’s sleep.

Get into a routine
Your body is a massive fan of habit. Getting up and going to bed at the same time every day, as well as trying to eat at regular times, is a great way of telling your body to go to sleep when you want it to. If your brain is accustomed to shutting down at the same time every night, it’ll find it much easier to do so.

Try some lavender

A lavender posy tucked under your pillow or some lavender room spray in your bedding are ideal for helping you to relax and nod off.

Make sure your room is tidy

A cluttered or untidy bedroom is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. While you’re meant to be winding down your brain will be stressed by the clutter, so you’ll find it harder to relax. It’s also easier to sleep if your bedroom is decorated in light and neutral colors, as bright and dark colors will keep your brain alert while you’re attempting to relax.

Run a relaxing bath

Your bedtime routine should include teeth cleaning and face washing, but if you have time try to throw a bath in there for good measure. It’s an excellent opportunity to mull over the day’s events before you try to sleep. It’s also true that blood pressure drops as you go from a hot bath to a cooler room, so you’ll feel naturally more sleepy once you get into bed.

Invest in good bedding

A good quality mattress, duvet, and microfibre pillows are essential for a good night’s sleep. If you’re uncomfortable, your sleep is more likely to be disturbed, and you won’t wake up feeling refreshed.

Avoid naps too late

Try to avoid napping at all, but if you have to nap, ensure they’re short and as early in the day as possible. Your brain releases sleep hormones and then waking hormones, which can really mess around with your sleep cycle and confuse your brain when it’s time to actually go to bed.

Try to exercise daily

It doesn’t have to be anything more strenuous than a half hour walk, but you’ll find that daily exercise will make you more tired once bedtime comes around. Try not to exercise too close to bedtime, though, as the endorphins can keep you awake.

Turn off your screens

Television, laptop, tablet, and phone screens will all make you feel more awake, as they give your brain a lot of information to process. Turn screens off an hour or so before bed and spend that time bathing, pampering, and reading.

Give these a go, and see if you can find yourself the best night’s sleep. Good luck, and good night!

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