Essential Pushchair Accessories to Make Life Easy

Pushchairs and prams are essential for helping you to get around with your baby. While you might opt for a sling or carrier sometimes, you don’t always want to carry your baby’s weight. Buggies allow you to push them, plus anything else you don’t feel like carrying. If you’re going out with your pushchair, there are some essential accessories you should make sure you have. They’ll make the ride better for your baby and more convenient for you too. You can get accessories to combat the weather and to keep your baby entertained. Don’t leave the house without these vital accessories.


Raincover and Parasol

A bit of rain shouldn’t stop you leaving the house with your baby. If you’re covered by your raincoat or perhaps an umbrella, make sure your baby stays warm and dry too. In the UK, it’s always worth having a rain cover attached to your pushchair or pram. You can tuck it out of the way when you’re not using it, but you can never be sure if it’s going to rain. Even when the day begins with blue skies, it can start to rain later. However, when it is sunny, you also need protection. Many buggies already have hoods, but a parasol provides extra cover from the sun.


Covering your baby’s feet is something you might want to do all year. Although you might not think of it until the winter, it’s useful in cooler weather too. It covers them up, and prevents them losing their socks, but still allows their legs to breathe. A footmuff can fit neatly onto your pushchair, and you only need to slide your baby inside. You can get one that’s compatible with your brand of pushchair, such as a Bugaboo footmuff. However, many will attach to any brand of pushchair.


It’s always a good idea to have some things your baby can play with when they’re in the pushchair. It keeps them happy and prevents them from getting bored. There are all kinds of fun toys you can attach, from soft and silky to colourful and noisy toys. Try providing lots of different types, so there’s plenty to explore. The easiest way to do it is to have a string of toys to stretch across the pushchair. You can find lots of fun examples that clip right on. You can always add to them with other clip-on toys.

The Toddler Step

If you’ve got a baby and a toddler, you might have a bit of a dilemma. Not all toddlers are ready to walk without getting tired. Some parents choose to switch to a double buggy so they can strap in both baby and toddler. Others go for the toddler step option. You can attach the step to the back of the pushchair so your toddler has somewhere to stand. There are also seat options so they can sit down.

Don’t forget some accessories for yourself too. A smartphone holder can come in handy when you have your hands full.

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