Dreaming of Australia

Today is apparently the first day of British summertime. It doesn’t feel like it. As I sit in the staffroom drafting this, it’s absolutely bucketing it down and not particularly warm either.

I sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong country. I absolutely hate the cold and hate the rain even more. Unless I’m pregnant and it is in the middle of heat wave (and that isn’t going to happen again!), you will never hear me complaining it is too hot. There’s nothing I enjoy more than slathering the factor 50 on and sitting out in the sunshine. Sadly, in Britain, I’m more likely to be found dithering under a blanket somewhere.

Sometimes, like a lot of people, I dream of packing up and emigrating to somewhere like Australia, where the sun is shining all year round. Ok, so the country has more than its fair share of spiders, (I can deal with the snakes!) but I think if it was a toss up between sunshine and spiders, or rain and no spiders, I could man up a little bit.

I do think that the weather has a huge impact on quality of life for me. I definitely find myself getting more irritable and grumpy when the weather is rubbish. The kids love being outdoors, and when they are cooped up indoors they start going nuts.

Whilst I’ve never been lucky enough to visit Australia, I know many people who have, including my sister in law Charlotte, who had the opportunity to work and travel around the country for six months a couple of years ago. She said it really is as beautiful as it looks and sounds.

Obviously, moving to Australia would take an incredible amount of organisation. Before anything, we would have to sort out visas and make sure that we are actually eligible to live over there. Once that was sorted, we would need to find somewhere to live. I quite like the idea of Perth -it looks absolutely wonderful there. I would check out the various house and land packages in Perth to find something to suit our budget and needs. Then, once we had a home sorted, we would need to make the arrangements to have all our belongings packed up and shipped across the world. Still, for views like this and year-round sunshine, it’s totally worth it, right?


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