Don’t Move House – Improve What You Already Have

Do you feel as though your family is outgrowing your home? Maybe you’ve got enough bedrooms for the number of kids you’ve got currently, but any more would be a bit of a squeeze? Do you think your house looks tired, and it’s no longer making you happy? Maybe it’s time for a change, just not one as drastic as moving away. If you think your home needs a facelift or you’d like a little bit more space, give some of these ideas a go.


If you were to move house, you’d bring all of your belongings in, and you’d look at the blank canvas to decide where each bit of furniture should live. When you’ve lived somewhere for a while, belongings accumulate in a way that is not necessarily the best aesthetically, or even the most efficient. Measure up your rooms, including doors and windows when open and closed, and then measure up your major pieces of furniture, and work out on paper how they should look before giving them a reshuffle. Something this simple can bring a whole new lease of life to a property.


If things are starting to look a bit drab, it could be time for a spruce up. A newly painted ceiling, fresh walls, and even new flooring can work wonders. Any tired woodwork or surfaces should be replaced, including skirting boards, kitchen countertops, and even door and window frames. Take time to coordinate soft furnishings with wall colours, tidy away any clutter, and let the brightness and openness of a newly painted, more minimalist house help you to appreciate your home again.


If your family has grown since you bought your current property, or you’re planning on it growing in the near future, it could be worth considering an extension on your property to add bedroom space or living space. Think about the difference a whole extra bedroom and a larger kitchen could make to the general day to day running and comfort of your home. Use a building estimator to see how much an extension could cost you, and you’ll find it’s a whole load cheaper than moving house. It can even add significant value to your home, should you want to move in the future.


You can guarantee there is a space in your home which is not currently being used at all, or not being used in any way effectively. This is most likely an attic, but could also be a cupboard under the stairs or a small outhouse. These are just wasted space. An attic could be an extra bedroom, an office, or a home gym, and a cupboard under the stairs could be a second lavatory. Converting poorly used space is a great way to add a feature to your home that you never knew you wanted, and doesn’t necessarily have to be undertaken by a professional.

So don’t give up on your lovely family home just yet – all it might need is a new lease of life and a bit of extra space adding, and you’ve got yourself a forever home.


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