Coughs and Sneezes

This week has been one big germ and snot filled week of fun in our house!

I knew when Harrison started school he would get colds and bugs – it’s the first time his immune system has been properly exposed. I, perhaps naively, did think we would have a couple of weeks in between colds, but no. He has literally been hit with one after another.

We’d literally just got over the first cold, when on Saturday I noticed him starting to get a bit sniffly. All I could hear on Saturday night over the baby monitor was him snoring, which he only does when he has a cold. He woke up Sunday morning and it had hit him full force. Not only that, he had developed a horrible cough. Both it him and me get nasty coughs after a cold which seem to linger for weeks, but this one sounded a bit chesty, and I was a bit concerned. Sunday night was awful. The cold and cough was making him gag and be sick, and we knew there was no way he could go to school Monday. By morning he was really wheezy, which was great timing with me having to go to the hospital for my GTT. Graham managed to get him an appointment at the doctors (I think he must have flirted with the receptionists – I can NEVER get an appointment, let alone at 9.20am on a Monday morning!). Apparently, our rather useless doctor couldn’t tell if it was a chest infection or asthma, which is really helpful. She gave him a course of antibiotics and a night time inhaler to cover both scenarios. I have absolutely no medical training whatsoever, but I am 99% sure it isn’t asthma as he only started wheezing that weekend when the cold hit, and was convinced it was a chest infection because of the lovely stuff he coughed up. He’s half way through the course of antibiotics and the cough has all but gone, and the wheezing has totally disappeared. He’s still a bit snotty, but luckily it seemed pretty short lived. He was back at school on Tuesday. The teachers kept an eye on him and said he was absolutely fine – I think them keeping busy at school quite often keeps their mind off it.

Alex’s immune system has been robust so far. Even with Harrison sneezing and coughing everywhere, he rarely seems to catch anything, and when we all were hit by norovirus last year he avoided it. Whether that’s down to him being breastfed I don’t know, but fingers crossed! However, the night before last he started coughing and being sick. We had possibly the worst night we’ve had since he was a tiny baby – he was thrashing around and moaning in his sleep, and constantly coughing. He had a very slight temperature, which we kept under control with calpol, but his cough worried me. It was almost like a bark, and the only thing I could think of was croup. I used to suffer with it when I was little and I know it isn’t nice. I took him into the bathroom and turned the shower on, and the steam seemed to help him. By morning he was absolutely fine, just tired from a restless night. Last night was better but he still wasn’t 100%. He coughed a lot, but the barking sound seemed to have gone and he’s not chesty or wheezy, so I’m not concerned. We will keep an eye on him and take him to the walk in clinic on the weekend if needed, but I think he is ok.

I know this is all part of their immune systems developing and getting strong, so I try and keep things as normal as possible when they’re under the weather. I just make sure they have plenty of fluid and try and get them outside in the fresh air whilst wrapped up. Neither of them are huge fans of fruit, although they do eat lots of veg, so I am considering getting some multi vitamins for them to try and boost it up a bit.


What are your top tips to beat the bugs?

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