Costa Christmas Cups

We are huge fans, and I mean HUGE fans of Costa coffee in our house. We have one just two minutes walk away, which is lethal. Harrison also loves his hot chocolates, and it is our Friday after school treat. I *may* have an extra couple of treats in the form of a skinny vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso each week.

One of the things that signify the countdown to Christmas for me is when Costa bring out their Christmas cups. I always have my drinks in take-away cups,  and sometimes they never seem as pretty in plain take away cups. This all changes when there is a cute snowman or Santa on my cup!

I was absolutely over the moon when Costa sent us these adorable ceramic ‘take away’ Christmas cups – I could have all the fun of the cute cups whilst drinking my boring instant coffee at home!

Costa Coffee |

How cute are they!!! They look just like the paper cups, but are ceramic. The lids are made of a silicone type material, and are just like the lids of the paper cups. Of course, as soon as they arrived they needed testing out..

Costa |

The first few times I used it the smell and the taste of the silicone wasn’t the nicest thing in the world – it tainted the drink just a little, but after a few uses it wore off. They are lovely to drink from, and they keep the drink warm for absolutely ages, which for me is really useful. It’s very rare that I get to drink a coffee whilst it is warm! At £7.95 each, these ceramic cups would make the perfect present for a coffee lover!!

Of course, nothing beats having a proper Costa in the shop, and I was very kindly sent a gift card so I could go and try out some of the new festive additions. Of course, this was really hard work – how on earth could I choose from the range of Christmas drinks, cakes and sandwiches?

I popped along to our local Costa (who are fabulous!) and ordered a gingerbread cream latte, a pigs in blanket panini and a Christmas cornflake crunch.

Costa gingerbread cream latte |

I’m not the greatest photographer in the world with my iPhone, but how lush does that look. Lovely gingery costa coffee with plenty of whipped cream and sparkly sprinkles, topped off with a cute little gingerbread man.

Pigs in Blanket |

I don’t usually have a panini from Costa – I’m generally not a massive fan of anything like that, and I always go for the cake, but I couldn’t resist trying this one – the name was so cute! The Pigs in Blankets panini is filled with pork and onion sausage, with bacon, herby stuffing and cranberry sauce on sourdough ciabatta. It was delicious!!

Of course, you always need cake to follow a sandwich. The choice of cake and sweets is huge, and I could have eaten any single one of them. I went for one of my all time favourites – a Christmas cornflake crunch.


One coffee was not enough on a miserable Friday morning, so I decided to try just one more to take home with me. I didn’t get a photo, but tried the tiramisu latte. Quite often they never live up to their name, but this did actually taste like a tiramisu, even down to the slightly naughty boozy taste.

I’m pretty sure over the next couple of months I’ll work my way through the entire festive menu!! What’s your favourite Costa coffee drink or treat?

*We were sent these cups and a gift card to spend at Costa for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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