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I always feel a little bit strange discussing Christmas in October – as much as I love Christmas, I can’t bring myself to think about it until the beginning of November. However, I know lots of people are starting their preparations and shopping, and I think once we are settled in our new home,  we will be getting on with some Christmas crafts!

Our go-to place for Christmas craft bits and bobs has always been The Works. In fact, it’s our go-to place for lots of things! Graham hates it when I say ‘I’m just popping into The Works’, because I will always come out with bags of stuff. It’s brilliant for buying books for birthday presents and stationery, but I mainly go there for the craft stuff.

I’ll be sharing some of the crafts we will be doing with you over the next couple of months, but before you get stuck into doing any, make sure you have everything you need. I’ve put together a little shopping list for Christmas crafting, and all the products are online on the website.

  1. Mug Painting Set


I really like the idea of making personalised gifts, and I think having a few of these in the craft cupboard is great for making presents for relatives, friends and teachers. You could even decorate these for your Christmas Eve hot chocolate, or to leave out for Santa  – and £2 each? Bargain.



2. Plain white greeting cards


Before I had the kids, I used to make my own cards, and even back then I would buy my blank cards from The Works.They were always much cheaper (at just £4 for 50) and much better quality than any others I tried. They come with envelopes so all you have to do is let the kids loose with the glitter (or not…) and you have some lovely homemade Christmas cards.



3. Patterned Paper 


Back when I used to make my own cards, I would get through a lot of patterned paper, especially at Christmas, and would regularly end up spending £12 or so on a pack, so to see a pack of various designs at just £2 made my day. The kids can cut it up and glue it down to their heart’s content at that price!



4. Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters


Obviously ideal for Christmas baking…but if you’re like me and the thought of making gingerbread biscuits makes you want to cry (that’s what the supermarket is for!), these are brilliant to use as stamps. You could even have a go at making your own Christmas wrapping paper. We have a massive storage box full of cookie cutter in various shapes. I don’t think they’ve ever been used to make biscuits…


5. Wiggly Eyes


No craft cupboard is complete without wiggly eyes. We will be making santa and          reindeer ornaments, and these just finish them off perfectly!






6. Festive Foam Stickers


Last, bu not least are these adorable festive foam stickers. These are great for decorating the cards and are ideal for a quick and mess free activity.







Keep an eye out over the next couple of months for some simple Christmas crafts (that don’t involve copious amounts of glitter!).


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