Cheeky Wipes Review

As you may know, we have recently started using cloth (reusable) nappies, which you can read about here. We’ve got on so well with them that I began to look into using reusable wipes.

With a three year old and a one year old, we get through a ridiculous amount of baby wipes, sometimes using a whole pack every two days, which gets really expensive. I also really, REALLY hate the smell of baby wipes – I think I have become to associate the smell with poo, and they always smell so chemical. We also now have the problem of disposing of baby wipes – with disposable nappies I would just stick the wipes inside the nappy and chick in the bin.  I can’t do that now, meaning I have to put dirty baby wipes on the side until I’ve finished the nappy change – NICE!

I’m a member of a few cloth nappy groups on Facebook, and the one brand I kept hearing about was ‘Cheeky Wipes’ – everyone was raving on about how fantastic they were, so when I had the opportunity to try out a kit, I was dead chuffed!!

Cheeky Wipes

Cheeky Wipes are reusable, washable baby wipes.  There are several kits available containing different accessories. Because we are cloth nappy users, we had the mini kit. This contained:

  • 25 wipes measuring 15x15cm. There is a choice of fabrics including bamboo terry, cotton and cotton velour. You can choose from plain white or rainbow coloured.
  • Cheeky Wipes plastic container
  • 10ml essential oil
  • Travel Bag

Included is a simple set of instructions, but basically we just needed to soak the wipes in water with a couple of drops of the oil (which smells lush!). The wipes soak up the water meaning they’re nice and moist when needed. They need refreshing every couple of days, but you need such a tiny amount of oil that the bottle will last ages! Once we use one, we pop it in the bucket we store the dirty nappies in until we do a nappy wash – easy peasy! Obviously, if you were just using them for hands and faces you could pop them in with normal washing.

Cheeky wipes

They feel so lovely on skin. We are all constantly looking for excuses to use them. Harrison keeps asking to have his hands and face wiped because they are so soft, and smell gorgeous. I can only imagine what they must feel like on bums! I’ve been using them to take my make up off at night and my skin feels and smells lovely afterwards. I can’t wait to use these on a delicate little newborn bum!

Talking of bums (and poo, always a good subject, right?!) you know when a baby or a toddler does one of those poo explosions and it seems to take half a pack of wipes to clean it up as it just seems to smear it about? No worries of that with the Cheeky Wipes. Alex did one of these yesterday (son, if you’re reading this when you’re 18, I’m sorry I’ve told everyone about your poo – call it payback for all the sleepless nights!) and it was everywhere. Instead of using half a pack of wipes and getting in more of a mess, it took just two Cheeky Wipes to clean up. I just folded it up with the nappy, and chucked it in the nappy bucket ready to wash later. If you buy the full sets, they come with mesh bags to sick them in to put them in the machine to avoid having to handle them. Most cloth nappy users already have these – I don’t but I’m not squeamish about poo. I just whack them in.

I haven’t dried them in between uses (I figure they get wet again anyway!), but if they do get a bit stained putting them out in natural light should bleach the stains out. So far ours have been absolutely fine though.

cheeky wipes

I have to admit we haven’t tried the travel bag included in the set, simply because we already have lots of (very pretty) bags, so I can’t comment on how good that is, but judging by the quality of the rest of the kit, I imagine it would be fine. What I was unsure of was using them whilst out and about –  but I simply popped a few clean ones in one of my small wetbags (which are waterproof) and when I used one popped it in my large wetbags with the dirty nappies. Easy peasy! It actually took up less space in the changing bag than a full pack of disposables.

As you can tell (hopefully!)I am a huge fan of these wipes, and intend to completely stop buying disposables altogether. The 25 that came in the pack has so far been more than enough with washing every two days. – a massive difference to using the 60+ disposable ones I would use!

The set we have starts off at £26.95, which in the long run saves a fortune! You can see the full range here.


We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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