A Week on Instagram #3

Another week come and gone! We haven’t got out much at all – we wanted to wait until Ben’s nasty cough had gone before heading out too far, but then I came down with a rotten cold. This week so far has been spent building a new cabin bed for Harrison and new wardrobes for us. Hopefully, we will get out at some point though and get some much needed fresh air and exercise!

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Diggers in the Sand | My Sunday Photo

We haven’t gone out much this week with Benjamin being poorly, so this was one from last Saturday. We had a few hours to kill before collecting our new kitten, Ellie from the RSPCA centre. We put our wellies on and headed to the beach with diggers and boats to play on the sand and in the rockpools.

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A Week on Instagram

A while back, before all the upheaval of moving, I started doing a little round up of my week on Instagram. I really enjoyed looking back at the photos I had posted, and I want to start doing this again.  I won’t share every photo with you – I post three times a day on there so this would be soooo long, but here are some of my favourites:

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