Castles and Knights

My kids have an incredible imagination. It’s something that I am really proud of. They can literally have fun with nothing and can turn any object into something else. A Trunki suitcase became Harrison’s ‘briefcase’, a notebook immediately becomes a school register or an order notebook for a cafe. Any part of the house becomes roads and mountains for their cars. It really is lovely to watch.

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Siblings | January 2017

Every month I will be sharing some photos of the boys altogether and talking a little bit about how they have been getting along. Having three boys so close in age (they’re five, four and two now) is incredibly difficult sometimes, especially with the older two, who have recently discovered play wrestling, but at the same time they usually play really nicely together and are the best of friends.

Siblings 2017

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Diggers in the Sand | My Sunday Photo

We haven’t gone out much this week with Benjamin being poorly, so this was one from last Saturday. We had a few hours to kill before collecting our new kitten, Ellie from the RSPCA centre. We put our wellies on and headed to the beach with diggers and boats to play on the sand and in the rockpools.

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A Hot Chocolate Picnic

As much as I love the beach in the summer, I love it even more in the winter. It just seems even more beautiful and apart from the occasional dog walker, it’s pretty much deserted so we get it to ourselves. It doesn’t matter how cold it gets, as long as it is dry, we go down to the beach most days.

I had promised to take the kids down to our local beach for a hot chocolate picnic one day, and what better day to do it than the first day of the Christmas holidays? The sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold. We made up a flask of hot chocolate, popped some marshmallows into a tub, and packed a can of squirty cream and our favourite mugs into a bag.

A Hot Chocolate picnic on the beach

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The Magic of the Mountains

It hasn’t been the best of weeks if I’m at all honest. My back started aching a little bit last week after I carried Benjamin on the school run, but on Monday evening, I got up to go to bed and could barely move. For two days, I was in absolute agony. Last year, I slipped a disc in my back and I think carrying Ben might have aggravated it again. It’s been pressing on my sciatic nerve, which made my leg feel all funny as well. I’ve dosed up on pain relief and tried to hobble about as much as possible, but it’s made me feel really miserable.

The Magic of the Mountains in North Wales

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Rainy Day Adventures with HiPP Organic

In Wales it rains a lot. And I mean a lot.

I think it has rained every single day bar one in the past two weeks, or it’s felt like it anyway.

Has that stopped us doing stuff? Absolutely not! After all, there’s not such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices.

Ben is our little boat obsessed boy, and if he doesn’t get his nautical fix, he’s a grumpy little monkey. A grumpy very nearly two year old is not fun, so we make sure we go and look at the boats as often as we can.

Rainy day adventures with HiPP Organic

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Dinosaurs Awaken Maize Maze at National Forest Adventure Farm

During the Easter holidays, we visited the National Forest Adventure Farm and had a really, really good day there. We found that there was plenty to do there to keep all of us amused, and it was definitely somewhere that we wanted to visit again. You can imagine how pleased we were when we were invited back to explore the Dinosaurs Awaken Maize Maze.

The maze, which is there until September 4th, is the latest attraction at the National Forest Adventure Farm, and is perfect for any kids who love dinosaurs. Ours, even though they are only young, absolutely love the Jurassic Park films, and have been excited to go ever since we broke up from school. Knowing how great the farm and the giant soft play centre was from before, we invited my brother along with us, who is a big kid at heart!

Dinosaur Awakens Maize Maze |

Unfortunately, we managed to pick what seems to have been the wettest day in a long time to go for our visit, and that put a bit of a dampener on the day (literally!). We managed to get absolutely soaked, and didn’t stay as long and do as much as we did when we went before. What it did mean that the outside areas were a lot quieter – we were the only nutters outside!

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A walk along the locks

We were supposed to go to a charity event last Sunday, but at the last minute there was a bit of a mix-up, so we didn’t go. It was far too nice to sit around and waste the day, so when my mum phoned and asked if we wanted to go for a walk with them and the dogs, we jumped in the car.

We headed over  to Hatton Locks, which is a series of 21 locks along the Grand Union Canal, in Warwickshire. We’ve been there many times – it’s only about 25 minutes away in the car, but it feels a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of Birmingham. It’s so beautiful and peaceful and is a favourite spot of ours.


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