Pink hair, Malory Towers and Doris #LittleLoves

This is a bit of a bumper one this week as I completely missed last weeks! It’s been half term here in Wales, and whilst it started off really nicely, spending the weekend in Birmingham seeing our family, the rest of it has been a bit ‘meh’. I hate it when school holidays are like this but a combination of crap weather and no car whilst Graham was at work put a bit of a stop to pretty much any plans I had. Still, today is a bit better and it’s sunny – I think we might go to the beach this evening!


I’ve done a fair bit of reading the past few weeks. I found my old copy of Malory Towers by Enid Blyton in the cupboard and really enjoyed reading it. I need to go and dig out all the other ones – they’re so cheesy and old fashioned but lovely. I’m now reading ‘Gone Girl’, which I found at my mums house (we stay in my brother’s old bedroom when we are there). I was looking forward to reading it because I love the film, but a few chapters in and I’m not loving it to be honest. I’ll keep going with it though!

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Best Friends on the Beach

This week we had Alex’s best friend, Holly, around for lunch and for a play. It was a lovely sunny day so we took them down to the beach to look for shells. I love how close these two are, despite only knowing each other since November. Something just seemed to ‘click’ between them. It also made me insanely proud of what a little gentleman we are bringing up – he helped her over the rocks, carried her book bag for her and really looked after her. I think they will be friends for many years to come

Best Friends on the Beach

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Beauty and the Beast, Raincoats and Sia #LittleLoves

SUCH a cliche, but this Friday has rolled around so fast. I’m sure it was Monday yesterday! I didn’t have a great start to the week – on Friday I came down with what I think was either nasty water infection or even a kidney stone. Whatever it was, it made me feel really, really rotten for a couple of days and I ended up spending Saturday in bed. Thankfully, I woke up on Sunday and it had gone, but it was not nice at all.

Beauty and the Beast, Raincoats and Sia

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Fires, Chinese New Year and Nelly #LittleLoves

Blimey, where did January go? It felt like the longest month ever, but at the same time it feels like it was Christmas just last week. I’m pretty glad January is over. It’s far from my favourite month as it is, but we all seemed to be constantly ill and cooped up. Already, I’m feeling better! This week has been a LOT more interesting than last week!

Fires, Chinese New Year and Nelly Little Loves


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Me & Mine | January 2017

This was something I was determined to join in with this year. As I’ve mentioned before, there are very few family photos and it’s something I hate not having. It’s quite tricky getting a photo of everyone – either needing to balance my camera on something or get someone passing to take a photo and hope they manage to get a fairly decent one. I decided just after Christmas to treat myself to a tripod so we could get more photos of us all together. This was the very first photo I took using my tripod at the beginning of January, at Dinas Dinlle beach. It was just before sunset and it was a beautiful backdrop for a family photo!

Me & Mine | January 2017

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Castles and Knights

My kids have an incredible imagination. It’s something that I am really proud of. They can literally have fun with nothing and can turn any object into something else. A Trunki suitcase became Harrison’s ‘briefcase’, a notebook immediately becomes a school register or an order notebook for a cafe. Any part of the house becomes roads and mountains for their cars. It really is lovely to watch.

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Boring, Boring and a Little Bit More Boring! #LittleLoves

I very nearly didn’t join in with this week because it’s going to be REALLY boring. Then I realised that a) I promised myself to join in every week this year, and B) sometimes life is a little bit boring, and my blog is all about our life! So, apologies for the boringness of it all and the lack of interesting photos – here is this week’s Little Loves!

Boring, Boring and a Little Bit More Boring

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Victoria Pier | #MySundayPhoto

This week we went down to the beach at Colwyn Bay to see the old Victoria Pier, which I think is due to be demolished at some point this year. You can’t get very close to it because it is dangerous and it’s very dilapidated and run down. It’s a shame because you can imagine it a few years ago when it was a busy tourist attraction. I love piers – they seem so British and seaside-y, and to see another one go is really sad.

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Siblings | January 2017

Every month I will be sharing some photos of the boys altogether and talking a little bit about how they have been getting along. Having three boys so close in age (they’re five, four and two now) is incredibly difficult sometimes, especially with the older two, who have recently discovered play wrestling, but at the same time they usually play really nicely together and are the best of friends.

Siblings 2017

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Diggers in the Sand | My Sunday Photo

We haven’t gone out much this week with Benjamin being poorly, so this was one from last Saturday. We had a few hours to kill before collecting our new kitten, Ellie from the RSPCA centre. We put our wellies on and headed to the beach with diggers and boats to play on the sand and in the rockpools.

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The Girl On The Train, Ed Sheeran and Exciting News #LittleLoves

Well, we’ve had an interesting week! On Saturday evening, Benjamin started sounding a bit wheezy, so I made a mental note to keep an eye on him and make a doctors appointment for first thing Monday morning. By Sunday afternoon he couldn’t stop coughing and was really poorly so Graham took him to the A&E department at our local hospital. A few hours later when they decided they were probably keeping him in for the night, I went there in a taxi so we could swap – after all the crap he went through when he was a newborn, I couldn’t bear the thought of him being in the hospital without me. It turns out he had a ‘viral wheeze’ and just needed an inhaler every few hours. They kept us in to keep an eye on him but we came home first thing in the morning and he was back to his usual self. Our first experience at Glan Clwyd hospital was very good, though – the staff were amazing!

The Girl on the Train, Ed Sheeran and Exciting News

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A Rare Family Photo | My Sunday Photo

We have very, very few photos of all five of us. In fact, I’m pretty sure that there are, including this one, a grand total of three pictures. I hate appearing in pictures and if there’s no one around to take one, it’s pretty difficult!

Yesterday we went to the top of the Great Orme in Llandudno. The views are incredible and you can see for miles in every direction. At the time of year, it’s pretty deserted which is lovely. We found a wall that we could balance the camera on and used the timer on their for the first time – pretty successfully I think!


A Rare Family Photo

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My Happy List #1

This is a new (well, new to me!) linky that I’m going to be trying to join in with every week. For those of you non-bloggers, a linky is a where lots of bloggers write about the same thing or the same theme and link to a host blog. The Happy List is hosted by Katy at What Katy Said and Sian at Quite Frankly She Said.

I love the idea of this linky because it makes you think about the smaller things that happen every day that make you happy. I’ve written about some of The Little Things We Love  before and living here in such a beautiful place, there is plenty to make us happy.

Happy Days - The small things that have made me happy this week

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After School | My Sunday Photo

When we knew we were moving to Wales, to a house that was just five minutes walk from the beach, I envisaged going to the beach after school for a play as often as we could. Because of the weather recently, that hasn’t happened, but on Friday, the rain finally stopped and we went straight to the beach. It was lovely!


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