A Week on Instagram #10

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed a huge change in the style of my photos over the past couple of weeks. Instead of random (and usually crap!) snaps from my iPhone, they’re much more considered, and hopefully, much prettier!

Almost none of my photos recently have been ‘live’ ones – in fact, most of them were taken last year or earlier this year, but they are all photos that I am proud of. Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform, and yet it is the one I didn’t take as much care over. As well as sharing images with followers, I also want it to be something nice for me to look back on, something pretty. That is the sort of aim I’m going for from now on. It will still be our lives, but just the nicer photos. That’s not to say it’s not ‘real’ – they’ll probably be some photos of the kids looking like they’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, and things like that, but the actual quality of my photos will be better and a bit more curated.

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A Week on Instagram #9

It’s actually been a week since I last did an Instagram post…I’m actually keeping up with my own blogging schedule finally. It’s been a bit hit and miss over the past few weeks, but I *think* I’ve finally got back into it and got myself all organised again. Having a fresh new look and a blog name that I actually like and don’t cringe at probably helps!

It’s been a busy old week again, and I have to admit I’m now counting down the days until the summer holidays (7 more get-ups!). Not that it will be any calmer or quieter – three children aged five and under kind of put a stop to peaceful days, but at least there will be no rush in the mornings for a few weeks.

Here is the past week on Instagram!

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A Week (and a bit longer!) on Instagram #8

I think I need a new title for this series..it’s always more than a week! Anyway, the last time I did one of these posts was 14th June, and so much has happened since then!

A few weeks ago, the boys made these cute little flower key holders from Baker Ross. My dad came round and loved them, and asked if he could have one for their house. They stuck it up using Sugru, and it looks great!

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A Week on Instagram #6

What a week!! It has been absolutely insane. On Wednesday I went on a school trip with year two to Dudley Zoo, and it was so, so hot. Thursday saw me going on a coach down to Weston Super Mare with year one. Thankfully, it was a bit cooler, but three hours each way on a coach with 40-odd 6-year-olds wasn’t exactly my idea of fun. The children enjoyed it however, and that is the main thing.

Saturday was the absolute highlight of our week though – it was Harrison’s 5th birthday. We had promised him a small party, which although there were only 9 children, it ended up wiping us out for the weekend. Sunday, and the beginning of this week have passed us by in a blur, with me having a rather nasty viral infection and bug.

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A Week on Instagram #5

I haven’t done one of these posts for a few weeks. If I’m honest, I fell out of love with Instagram for a bit. I was constantly getting spammed by Juice Plus and It Works (you know, those really naff wraps that apparently make you lose loads of weight) on there, and I couldn’t be bothered with it for a while.

I’m back using it again now, and whilst not as active on there as I have been, I’ve been trying to post once a day or so, so here’s a little round-up of the last week (well, week and a bit!) on there.

A Week on Instagram #4

I feel like we haven’t stopped this week! Instead of having a nice relaxed bank holiday, we have been busy painting the living room and swapping our bedroom with the boys room. The decorating has all had to be done in the evenings when the kids have gone to bed, which is far from ideal but it’s that or have everyone and everything covered in paint!

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A Week on Instagram #3

I completely forgot to do this post last week, so you have a bit of a roundup of the past fortnight in photos. It’s been a slightly crazy couple of weeks, with lots going on at work and my nan being taken to hospital, so I wasn’t on Instagram quite as much. Normal service has resumed though!!

We had some beautiful sunshine, and it finally felt like was spring was well under way. We sat in the garden, the kids played and we had our first ice cream of the year. Two days later, it snowed!

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A Week on Instagram #2

Well, the last week has been a bit of a wash out hasn’t it? All of our plans to do plenty of things with the kids – seaside trip, picnics and walks completely fell by the wayside. It just seemed to do nothing but rain!

We did manage to get to the woods for a walk and a bit of fresh air. It was so, so muddy but nice to get out – and I got some lovely photos of the boys.

Anyway, here is this week on Instagram…

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