Candy Spa 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

Almost every child would have had the joy of waking up on a cold December morning, opening up another window on their festive advent calendar. Although most, if not all, of us are fully grown adults, we still want to have that child-like feeling which is why many of us are have ditched the chocolate treats have opted for at the beauty option.

Some of the biggest names in the beauty industry have launched their own calendars, packed with expensive, and somewhat over-priced products. This is why I was over the moon to receive a free Candy Spa advent calendar courtesy of Paddy Power, the leading provider of online bingo games. 

The 12-day advent calendar features a dozen windows offering a variety of pampered goodies all with different smells, scrubs and fizzes.

The pack includes:

  •    30ml bubble bath
  •    1 30ml shower gel
  •    1 30g bath gel
  •    1 30ml body scrub
  •    1 40ml hand cream
  •    1 lip balm
  •    1 Bath powder
  •    1 40ml body lotion
  •    1 lip gloss
  •    6 bath fizzers

This pack is filled with goodies that smell amazing. It was hard to not over pour the bubble baths and gels try to make them last. One of my best tips about this pack is to try and hold out using all of the items on that day. Wait until the last day to have the ultimate spa bath, providing you have other hygiene products available. No one wants to go 12 days without a wash, Ewww!

I couldn’t pick wholeheartedly one specific favourite, but it would have to be a choice between the bubble bath and the hand cream. They both smell amazing, and are very delicate on the skin, leaving you feeling relaxed with lovely soft skin.

If I had to choose, I’d say that my least favourite product in this calendar would have to be the bath fizzers. Although you get more than one fizzer, they are very small meaning that the level fizz and drama from the fizzers is considerably less than other fizzers and bath bombs on the market, unless you decided to use them all at once of course.

Another issue with the fizzers is that, if you do choose to use them one a time, all give off the same smell. It might be a good idea have a range of smells for different moods.

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