How Can I Make Sure My Child Gets The Best Education?

A good education will put your child on the right path, and set them up for the best success in their adult life. As parents, our child’s education will always be one of the most important things to us, and so you might be wondering if there’s more you can do. Here are a few of the ways you can ensure that your child gets the very best schooling.


Move to be closer to good schools

Schools work on a catchment area basis, and so if you want your child to attend the best one you need to be living close to it. A huge proportion of parents already do this, and taking their lead can be a good idea. The best schools will generally have higher exam result scores, and more parent and student satisfaction.

Consider private schools

Private schools tend to have the best exam results. Plus they tend to be more selective in the students they allow. So if your child gets in, they will be working amongst an already intelligent and hardworking bunch of children. The class sizes are smaller, the extra curricular activities are more varied, and according to this article, the teaching is better too. There are often scholarships and funding available for private schools and so even if you could never afford the fees, if your child is gifted it may well be worth applying.

Consider boarding schools

Boarding schools are a good choice since you can base them upon your child’s goals or needs. For example, a child or adolescent who has a strong desire to join the navy could be sent to a boarding school which offers sailing as part of their curriculum. If your teen has experienced problems with addiction or mental health, you could consider a boarding school which focuses on giving them a second chance and teaching them valuable skills.

Hire a tutor

If you know your child is struggling in a subject, you could consider hiring a private tutor. Helping them to work through and understand their work means they won’t fall further behind. Once they begin to struggle it could knock their confidence, and in some cases put them off school altogether. Having an excellent tutor on hand makes sure they continue to do well in all of their subjects.

Make sure they’re happy and content

You’ll usually know if there’s a problem with a child. They will be visibly sad and will be more likely to open up and tell you what’s wrong when asked. Teenagers, on the other hand, can be a little trickier. It’s well documented that they generally aren’t the happiest of folk anyway. With peer pressure, tons of homework, problems with friends and those of the opposite sex and hormones flying everywhere- I suppose it’s understandable! But there’s a difference between regular stroppy teenage behavior and something a bit more sinister. Mental health issues can affect teens in the same way as they can adults. Addressing any issues and keep your teen as happy and content as possible is important. This will ensure they have the best chance of learning at school, without their mind being on other things. Making sure they have a good routine, and a good sleep schedule is a good place to start. Encourage them to take part hobbies that don’t involve their phone or computer. Something active is always good as it will also keep them fit and healthy. If you think that something is out of the ordinary, speak to your GP.

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