What Do I Buy?

June is a craaaazy month for us (not as much as October though, that’s just nuts!). In the space of a week or so we have Harrison’s birthday, Father’s Day and the anniversary of the date Graham and I got together.

We’ve been together twelve years this year. We met when I was seventeen and he was twenty. I never imagined for one second that twelve years down the line we would still be together, and certainly not with three children! We have been engaged for six years, but having kids put the brakes on that for a few years. We’ll get around to it one day. Maybe.

Before we had the kids (you know, the days where we could sleep and go to the loo in peace), we alway bought each other gifts to celebrate. We even went to Paris twice for long weekends away, and one year went to see Dirty Dancing at the theatre in London (amazing by the way!).Since we’ve had the kids, we’ve been too skint to do or buy much.

However, this year, I want to get Graham something nice. He’s not the easiest of people to buy for though, so I’ve started listening very carefully (normally what he says goes in one ear and out the other) for cues.

Clothes are usually a fail safe option. He’s very much a jeans and t-shirt kind of bloke. I’m thinking about getting him a hooded sweatshirt.He has about a million coats for the winter, but nothing for cooler summer days.

He gets through trainers pretty quickly because he always ends up wearing his best ones for playing footie with the kids and ruining them. I never know which style to get him though – he changes his mind weekly!

I’ve been looking at watches for him – anyone who knows Graham knows that he seems to run on a totally different time zone to the rest of us, which is incredibly annoying. I’ve seen a beautiful wooden one that I know he would love, but when he takes a watch off to wash up (yes, he does that occasionally!) he forgets to put it back on, and eventually it just ends up on the bookcase amongst everything else, and then the battery runs out….and it never gets worn again!

Like lots of blokes his age, he loves his X-Box, and so a game or two would probably be a good idea. I know he likes Need For Speed, but whenever I’ve looked to buy him one, there’s been so many different versions of the same game, and I have no idea which ones he has or which ones he has played. I also have no idea which console he actually has!

Another option, and if he doesn’t have this from me for our anniversary he can have it from the kids for Father’s Day, is a tattoo. When Harrison was born we both had his name tattooed on our wrists, and Gray also had my name. Neither of us have got round to having Alex or Ben’s name done yet and I know he desperately want it done.

Argh…what would you do? I’ve got a few weeks before I need to make a decision and start saving up!

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