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Graham and I got engaged over eight years ago. We’ve never really made any proper plans to get married, always just waiting for the right time to come along or until we eventually manage to get the money together for it! Recently,though, we’ve been thinking about setting a date and actually getting round to doing it!

We will be waiting until 2019-ish to do it because both of my brothers are getting married in the next couple of years, and both of their girlfriends have asked me to be a bridesmaid at their wedding, which I am incredibly excited about. Not only are they my future sister in laws, but they are also two of my best friends, so I’m really happy to have a part in their weddings. Of course, that means lots of wedding talk and wedding planning!


Charlotte, who is my eldest brother’s wife-to-be, was going to the National Wedding Show this weekend, and my mum and I went along with her. It was a lovely way to spend my last weekend in Birmingham and was a good way to start collecting some ideas for when we get round to doing it.

The National Wedding Show isn’t somewhere where you would necessary go to buy things, although there were plenty of wedding dress and bridesmaid dress stalls, where you could pick up a bargain. I think it was more of a place to gather ideas and inspiration, especially if you’re in the very early stages of planning. I think for both Charlotte and I the most valuable and helpful thing we got from it was looking at the many, many different wedding dresses. I had quite a fixed idea in my mind of the sort of dress I would want when we got married, but after visiting the show, and particularly after watching the catwalk show, I have completely changed my mind, There were some absolutely stunning dresses! I never thought I would like shorter or lacy wedding dresses, and certainly not sparkly ones, but I loved these!


I’ve been to a fair few shows at the NEC, but have never sat and watched any of the live shows. I think we all really enjoyed watching the catwalk show – probably helped by the rather gorgeous models!


It was quite obvious from the stalls that a sort of vintage rustic theme is a massive trend for wedding’s at the moment, and it’s one that I love – painted mason jars and vases, wildflowers, china and burlap all looks so lovely!


I think if you’re in the later stages of planning a wedding, it might not be quite as useful (although a really fun day out!) but if you are still looking for inspiration or want a place where you can see a huge collection of wedding dresses, a chance to speak to a lot of  photographers, or to check out some fun and unusual wedding entertainment, it’s the place to go!

*Collaborative post. We were provided with 2 free tickets to the show for the purpose of this review.

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