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The three boys love anything to do with building and construction. A few years ago, when the path outside our house was being dug up and relaid, they were in seventh heaven – diggers and men with hard hats all over the place. Rhyl, by where we live, is going through a big regeneration scheme and there is lots of building work going on. We regularly have to go and spend time watched the diggers (or ‘heehaws’ as Ben randomly call them). When we are at home, and Graham gets his tools out (not a euphemism!), they are all over him. Bob the Builder is, not surprisingly, one of their favourite cartoons.

They were, as you can imagine, over the moon when we were sent a Bob the Builder Switch and Fix to try out.

Bob the Builder Switch and FIx

Bob comes everything he needs to get the job done – we all know he can fix it! The key feature of this toy is the rotating tool belt with three tool bits. Don’t ask me what they are supposed to be – I barely know a screwdriver from a wrench but the kids seemed to know what they do. He can switch between his tools really quickly and easy by pressing down on his helmet. Check out the little video below!

The kids love the little LED light that shines through the tool bits when it’s pressed to a surface and of course, ¬†love the phrases that you hear when his hat is pressed down!

When I first saw the toy, I have to admit to thinking there probably wasn’t going to be much play value in it. However, the kids have proved me wrong, playing with it all the time, coming up with stories and helping their dad to ‘fix’ things around the house.

The Bob the Builder Switch and Fix is available for £19.99 from Argos.

* We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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