Bills! Bills! Bills!

Does anyone actually know how much their household bills come to each month, or each year? Apparently not many of us. A recent study by Santander showed that 26% of us don’t look at our bills properly – a million people don’t even open their bills – and that on average we under estimate our bills by £770 a year.

That’s a lot of money.

Household bills Infographic

I am one of that 26%. One of my new years resolutions was to become more organised, especially when it comes to bills. We set up everything to come out by direct debit, and just hope and pray each month that the money is there to cover it. I have written in my diary when things are due to be paid. Now I need to understand how much they come to and look at ways of reducing them.

Graham asked me to estimate how much I thought our gas and electric bill was. I guessed at £80. It was £120. That’s £40 a month more than I thought on just one bill – which adds up to £480 a year. It’s not only made me realise just how unorganised I am, but has also motivated me to look into ways of reducing our bills.

Luckily, there is some help available. If you bank with Santander and hold one of their 1/2/3 accounts, you can get cashback on some household bills.

Got to be worth looking into, right?
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  1. That’s a pretty scary figure for how much the average person underestimates by.

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