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One thing I hate doing, almost more than anything else, is getting quotes for something. It’s boring and it is time-consuming and to be honest, probably ends me costing me more because of my pure laziness.

For example, last week we needed someone to come out and put a new tyre on our car. Our usual garage couldn’t get out to us that day, so I was tasked with finding someone to come to do it. I phoned up the first local place that came up on a google search and booked them in. I possibly could have saved us a few quid if I had phoned around a few places and got a few quotes, but to be honest, I hate doing it so much!

Bidvine got in touch with us and asked us to review their website, which helps you to find quotes for various services in your local area. This sounded like something that would make my life a lot easier, and probably save us some money, so we gave it a go. I was tasked with finding a photographer in our local area.

It’s a really simple and self-explanatory system. You visit the Bidvine website, type in the service that you require and your postcode.

Bidvine online quote service |

I had to give a few extra details to make sure I was getting quotes that were relevant – these were really simple things such as whether I wanted a photographer to travel to me, my budget and how many people were to be involved in the shoot. It literally took me a couple of minutes thanks to the handy tick box options. You then need to leave your email address, so you can actually receive the quotes. There’s the option to sign in with Facebook, which I think is always a good option.

Within a few hours, I had a quote pop through into my inbox (a pretty good one as well!). I think I ended up with three quotes in total, which isn’t a huge amount, but it’s a good start to a growing service. I’m sure more and more professionals will see how useful Bidvine could be for their business and sign up, giving a wider selection of quotes.

It’s definitely a service I will look at using in the future, and I’m also considering signing up as a professional on there as well because I can see the potential.

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  1. Oh interesting that you’re thinking about signing up as a professional, I’ll have a look at it, definitely sensible to check it out as a source of work.

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