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Living in a rented house, we are limited to what we can do in terms of decoration, so I was pleased when Banner Buzz asked us if we wanted to review a 2ft x 2ft wall sticker. This seemed the perfect way to personalise our bedroom without worrying about getting permission from our landlord!

We had complete choice over the design. I sent in an image with the words to ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to the company – this is a really special song to us and I couldn’t wait to have it on the wall opposite the bed so I would see it every morning and night! The image I sent in was white and yellow lettering on a grey background. Banner Buzz asked me if I wanted the colours and background kept the same. This is where I made a HUGE error (I’m blaming baby brain!) I asked them to remove the grey background and keep the lettering white and yellow, stupidly not thinking about the fact that our bedroom is magnolia!

Unfortunately, when the stickers arrived they were stuck to the wrong paper so without removing each letter individually we couldn’t apply it to the wall. We contacted the company, and I think here we had a slight communication problem. To be fair, Banner Buzz were very helpful and sent us links to instructions and a ‘how to’ video on putting the stickers up, but we did find it difficult to get them to understand that it wasn’t us just being a bit daft, we physically couldn’t do it as they were suck to the wrong paper. Once we managed to get our point across, they were brilliant at sending another one across.

These ones arrived and were fine. We stuck them to the wall, which is when I realised my design error – sadly we can barely see the white writing against the magnolia wall. However, the stickers were reproduced exactly to my design and would have looked lovely if I had chosen darker colours (or painted our wall a darker colour!

Wall Stickers


They stuck down fairly easily, but as each letter was an individual sticker it was time consuming. In places it has lifted slightly, so I think you do need perfectly flat and smooth walls for them to adhere to – ours are covered in a slightly textured wall paper. All it means is once in a while we need to run our hands over it to press it down.

Next month there will be the opportunity to win a 2ft x 2ft wall lettering from Banner Buzz worth over £26 – just make sure you don’t do what I did and order the wrong colours!



We were sent these stickers for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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