Banish That Sedentary Lifestyle: Why It’s Important For Children To Participate In Sports

In our younger years, we may have hated putting on those sports shorts and having to lash around the field with a hockey stick. Or perhaps sports at school brings back memories of donning a swimming hat and learning how to dive into the big deep blue. But thanks goodness it got us out there on the field or in the water. Here we could learn about the benefits of team playing. We could take the glories but also realise that sometimes it’s ok if you don’t always win. Sports and physical activity are crucial for children, both for fitness and healthy competitiveness. So today we’re going to look at just why it’s so important for kids to keep donning those sports shorts.


Healthy Competition

Sport is a fundamental part of a child’s development and learning skills. Not only does it teach better coordination, balance, and dedication, but it is also great for their self-esteem and self-worth. On top of sports at schools such as soccer, tennis, and swimming, you can also create healthy habits of recreation in the home. On weekends you can consider ballet, tap, dance, horse riding, and golf. Making these family activities is great for a healthy environment. It may also help them develop a desire for healthy competition, which can also be beneficial to their later careers. Enrolling them in sports competitions can result in golf medals, equestrian trophies and dance certificates. Competition gives kids the drive to learn fast and perform better. As long as you not a terror of a pushy parent and also teach them not to be a sore loser, it’s a healthy part of growing up. It can teach them how to bask graciously in glory and kindly in defeat. Taking part in competitions also takes the fear out of trying. It makes children less afraid of putting in their best effort each and every time. We all want our children to learn how to play by the rules, to set themselves goals and to learn about resilience and commitment. And sports can be the ideal way in which to do this.

Exercise For Health And Socialisation

Highly active children are more inclined to continue with sports in a competitive or fun way as they grow into adults. This has the benefits of reducing the risks of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease later in life. Fit children are also less stressed and anxious. They sleep better and have sharper mentally abilities. Participating in after-school sports clubs also gives your children a chance to socialise more with their peers. It also teaches them the important skills of how to develop solid friendships. Teamwork, cooperation, and a competitive spirit are all life skills they can carry through to adulthood. It can also be a great incentive for keeping your children away from a life in front of the television or video games. Sports at school can create opportunities for your kids to gain leadership skills. It will also help build their communication skills with older children and coaches too. These are all beneficial in helping your children grow into healthy rounded individuals. Sports can also promote healthy eating, a need to remain physically active and an awareness of how being fit has a tremendously beneficial impact on your whole life. We all want our children to have the best start in life, so getting them involved in sporting activities will feed that desire.

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