Avoid a scare this Halloween…


Halloween is the one time of year when scary stuff is considered fun. But an STI is one fright you’re going to want to avoid. Enjoy this party season without fear by using a condom to protect yourself from chlamydia, gonorrhea and a host of other nasties. This cartoon from Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor reminds us that we can’t always tell what’s behind the mask so it’s important to use protection every time.


It may sound like just another scare story, but the truth is STIs are on the increase. In 2013 alone, almost half a million people were diagnosed with an STI in the UK, with chlamydia being the most common one. The frightening thing is that 50% of men and 70-80% of women don’t experience any symptoms of chlamydia at all. And in cases of gonorrhea, 10% of men and nearly 50% of women don’t have symptoms.

If you’re worried you might have ended up with a trick rather than a treat this Halloween, get tested as soon as possible to avoid serious complications. If you are diagnosed with an STI, the good news is that it can be treated easily. For example, chlamydia treatment options include taking a short course of antibiotics. So pluck up the courage and get yourself treated before it’s too late.

Or you could avoid an STI scare altogether by using a condom.

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