Another chance to win a Blokpod!!

A few weeks back, I reviewed the Blokpod, and ran a giveaway which was incredibly popular. The Blokpod team was so pleased with the response to the giveaway that they have decided to give readers of my blog another chance to win one!


Blokpod Lego Storage |

You can read the full review here, but in a nutshell, the Blokpod is a cylinder-shaped storage container that filters and stores your lego or similar building bricks. In fact, you could use it to store lots of different things. The lego is filtered by size – the smaller bricks fall through the coloured and removable grids to the bottom, whilst the bigger bricks and pieces stay at the top. They are available from Amazon for just £34.99, but you can win one by following the instructions below.

To enter, please complete the Rafflecopter widget below. All terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the page.

**Please leave the ‘URL’ box BLANK when writing a comment unless you are a blogger or a website owner – failure to do this will lead to disqualification from the giveaway**

a Rafflecopter giveaway



  • The closing date is Monday 6th June at midnight.
  • There is one prize of a pack ofa Blokpod  No cash alternative.
  • This competition is open to residents of the UK only
  • Entrants must log in via Rafflecopter and answer the question in the widget – this is the ONLY mandatory task. Comments must answer the question. Comments such as ‘great prize, fantastic giveaway’ etc will not be counted. You can gain extra entries in the draw by completing the other tasks in the widget. All entries will be verified.
  • A winner will be chosen at random using the widget
  • The winner will be notified via email within 5 days of the closing date, and must respond within 28 days to claim their prize.
  • The winner will be given a code to order this product for free from Amazon.

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148 thoughts on “Another chance to win a Blokpod!!

  1. Mega blocks, , KNex, Rokenbok, Best-Lock or even art materials like crayons, felt tip pens, stampers etc!

  2. Sorting it…It would make my life a whole lot easier.
    I think it would be handy to store my girls collection of Shopkins in too 😀

  3. We really need one for lego but would also use it for my son’s cars, there are millions scattered around the house!

  4. this would be great for all the arts and crafts little cotton reels, buttons etc.

  5. My son collects lots of little figures and collectables so would be perfect to store

  6. My daughter has so many little toys and accessories. It would be wonderful to be able to store them.

  7. It might be good for my niece’s arts and craft supplies, as long as you use the right size things in each bit so they don’t fall through!

  8. I can imagine it would be great for all sorts of little toys! Dolls and accessories might go in nicely 🙂

  9. I’d like to think it would just be LEGO, but in reality it would also store all kinds of little tiny bits and pieces that the kids pit in there – rubber creatures and cars and stuff 😀

  10. It could be used for my daughter’s hair accessories. Yes, she has that many!!

  11. We have lots of figurines so probably for that but if i won i would use it for my son’s lego xx

  12. For figures as they have loads but i would use it for lego if i won x

  13. This would be just perfect for my daughters Peppa pig bits. millions of them!

  14. We have tons of lego but if we didn’t, we would use it for my daughter’s sylvanian families bits and bobs

  15. we have a lot of dolls furniture from the little dolls house – that would fit great in here!

  16. I could store some of my sons massive collection of cars. he has hundreds of the things.

  17. I’d keep my cross stitching accessories in there – perfect for hoops

  18. I’d use it to help my son keep all his bits and bobs from his room in one place but so that he could still see what he wanted when he wanted to play with something. It would make life a lot easier in there!

  19. I would use it for storing craft items like crayons, pom poms, stickers etc

  20. So many uses and in our house we will be fighting over who gets it!!

  21. I would use it for my sons lego but would also be good for his trains

  22. My daughter’s hair accessories as i always find them all over the house and blocking my hoover!

  23. well my daughter seems very good at collecting small things so as well as lego friends, she has shopkins, num noms, moshi monsters and lots of barbie accessories which are very small, so this would be great for keeping them all together .x

  24. I think this would be good for holding my sons micro cars and matchbox cars

  25. My son has plenty of little plastic toys that can go in these.

  26. Lego is the main toy in our house…. if I can’t use Lego as the comment…. erm erm, Craft supplies. It could tidy my sewing kit.

  27. it would be great to store my daughters crafty bits in there, easily organise them all then.

  28. To be honest I can’t think of any better use than using it for storing Lego. I am sick of standing on Lego with bare feet

  29. As well as lego we have tons of Playmobil and lots of little bits!!

  30. The options are endless. Could use for hair accessories, farm animals a popular thing here. Craft supplies is another one a the small pieces would be great for keeping them separate.

  31. My daughters my little pony blindbag collection she has hundreds

  32. Craft bits & pieces, they can get so mixed up this would be great for that too

  33. Shopkins, dolls house figures and furniture, hair clips, ties, bobbles, bands, art/craft supplies This would seriously sort the “toy clutter” in anyone’s home. Would be very useful too for storing “man clutter”!!

  34. I’d keep play food in it. I’ve got tons of the stuff.

  35. I would use it for storing playmobil, I find it EVERYWHERE in my house!!

  36. I would use it for my craft items, but it would probably be better used for the lego

  37. All those little figure type things that you just don’t have a home for 🙂

  38. Squinkies, Crayons, Arts & Crafts bits and pieces or marble run pieces.

  39. I’d store loom bands in one section, beads in another and hair bobbles in the other my daughter gets these everywhere and the hoover hates the beads!

  40. Hair bobbles, make up, bows anything that ends up on the floor

  41. Mostly LEGO as we do have alot but would also use and would be good for arts and crafts and bits and bobs sorting it all out

  42. my boys’ trains. They have loads for different tracks. This would be easier

  43. SAVE MY FEET!!! If I won this I would finally have somewhere to stor the 1000’s of pieces of lego that make their travels all around my house! Seriously stepping on lego can be worse than stepping on a plug!

  44. I think it would be great for crafting supplies. It would be so easy to see what I wanted too.

  45. I would use this for Lego. I had my neighbour and her little boy over today to play with some as I help her build it for him as she is a single mum who works hard.

  46. I would store all the things I have for sewing. I just bought a sewing machine, but the little bits are starting to pile.

  47. I would probably nick it off the kids and use it to store all my craft bits and bobs lol

  48. All my daughters pens and pencils, she has quite a collection.

  49. Sorting out craft items such as beads, gems, sticks wooden sticks etc! My son has loads of crafts stuff this would be perfect for sorting and storing it!

  50. Honestly I’m not sure there would be much room left! My son just had his birthday a few days ago and everybody got him lego!

  51. It would be great for stopping the baby getting hold of the Lego!!

  52. Id use it for my little ones craft items or his small cars and dinos to take out with us 🙂

  53. Sorting crafty bits and all the tiny toys and parts of toys my daughter seems to accumulate.

  54. Oh my daughters hair stuff and my youngest sons trading cards, he has hundreds, and my special needs 12yr olds small sensory items.

  55. I would use it to store my son’s toy cars – he has too many of them!!!

  56. would be handy to store my daughters little bits like her shopkins

  57. I would use it for craft things like the little stick-on googly eyes that I’ve got in loads of different sizes!

  58. Very boringly I wouldn’t use it for anything other than Lego! It’s such a great idea and seems to work so well

  59. I’d use it for storing my sewing essentials in my deep drawer

  60. Would love this, but could be used for bobbles, clips and hairbands etc x

  61. Not only would I use this for my sons horde of Lego, I’d also use this to put my sons small toys in there too! My feet would be in heaven if I won this!

  62. I would probably use it for all of the little things that my daughter plays with, we have so many different sets of figures and animals

  63. My little girls shopkins! Im forever finding them all over the house ☺☺

  64. This would be great for my sons mountain of Lego but if not then maybe the small plastic ( too many brands to name) collect able toys that he just has to have but are the perfect size for youngest to put in his mouth!

  65. toy cars, art &craft stuff, magnet shapes the possibilities are endless!

  66. If not for Lego, I would use it to store my sewing accessories.

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