A Tesco Hudl rant

I apologise in advance for any typos- I’m trying to bash this out as quickly as possible before the battery runs out!

For Christmas, I had a Hudl from Tesco. It was brilliant! I don’t have a laptop so it is perfect for blogging, Facebook and Twitter.

A few weeks in and I noticed the odd problem – I’d type a letter and two would appear, and the left hand side of the screen would freeze. Sometimes words would appear or disappear – not exactly useful when blogging!  One day, it went black and wouldn’t turn back on. I immediately phoned up the Tesco Technical Helpline and to be fair to them, they arranged for a replacement device to be sent out within 48 hours. Fantastic. The next one came, but just a few weeks later the sane thing happened. And again on the third one. Most people would have given up and had a refund by this point, but I do actually like the device. I’ve also bought two cases for it so didn’t want to loose out there. Up to this point, the helpline and the store were really helpful. Then I had my fourth one. This had none of the problems of the first three, but after a short time the charger connection was loose. I tried different chargers in case it was that (both of my brothers and my nan have one!) and they were the same, so it was obviously a problem with the charger port. I phoned up the helpline – again – and explained the problem. This time they agreed to replace it but said next time I had any problems I wouldn’t be offered an exchange, just a refund. Fair enough.

I’ve had this one – number 5 – since April. Guess what? The charger port is faulty. It’s such a loose connection. It takes up to twenty minutes of wiggling the charger round to get it to charge, and even then the slightest move and it goes. I can get it to charge sometimes by wedging a bit of cardboard in to fill the gap, bit that’s not easy to do.


Not only that, when it does eventually charge, it doesn’t last. It can from 50% to 30% in a couple of minutes, so it isn’t charging properly. I’m also beginning to have the problem of random letters appearing on the screen as I type. I typed in ‘faulty charger port Tesco hudl’ into Google, and immediately was hit by pages of other people having the same issue with the port, including a very long thread on the Tesco Facebook page with people having the same issues. One annoyed customer claimed Tesco have admitted its a design fault – obviously that’s his word but I have to be inclined to agree.

I phoned Tesco to explain, full expecting to be offered a refund. Ha!
The extremely condescending man told me that no, it was classed as accidental damage and that last time it was replaced for this issue it was as a ‘gesture of goodwill’, and as it was my fault, I would not be entitled to another one. I explained that accidental damage was not mentioned to me at all and that it does appear to be a common issue. His patronising reply was that if you look hard enough on the internet, you can find faults with anything. I didn’t have to search hard -just their Facebook page alone was full of people with the same issue:







This morning I phoned and demanded to speak to a senior manager – basically to be told the same. I’ve requested that they listen back through the phone calls which will then tell them I was not told it was accidental damage. As I type this, I’m still waiting for the call. My comments on their Facebook page were dealt with rapidly (funny that – don’t want the bad publicity?) with someone asking me to contact them if I’m not happy with the resolution.

At this point I should add that I have NEVER damaged any charging ports on the many laptops, buy propecia online, phones, cameras, kids electronic toys etc, so to ‘accidentally damage’ two in three months on the same product (along with everyone else who has the same issue!) is a little coincidental. Clearly, it isn’t particularly good if it gets damaged that easily.

I will update you as to what happens next.

Tesco, the ball is now in your court. What are you going to do?

6/7/14 21:15 still waiting for a phone call back regarding the issue. Upon further research, I have found out that under the Sales of Goods Act 1979, Tesco are obliged to prove that the fault was caused by accidental damage as the device is under six months old. As they have verbally refused a refund/exchange without viewing the product, they have breached this law, and so if no resolution is reached, I will be contacting Trading Standards.

7/7/14 15:05: just got off the telephone. Spoke to a very helpful and polite man called Michael- manager of the Hudl team – who said that it is most likely down to a fault with soldering etc, and I have a new one being delivered on Thursday. Fingers crossed it is sixth time lucky!!!

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  1. That is shocking, Tesco seem to be evading the issue of a faulty design and this really gets up my nose. My daughter having a similar issue with a ‘known’ design fault with the iphone 5. The larger brands would be far better owning up to common obvious mistakes,, dealing with it for customer satisfaction and getting great word of mouth reports rather than this. I do hope your post helps you get a refund or a good replacement!

  2. Tbh I wouldn’t touch anything other than an Apple device…. they are not perfect but the Hudl is a bargain basement tablet I wouldn’t trust it. Tesco are a big enough brand to know and behave better thought – that’s appalling customer service.

    1. To be honest I don’t have the money to spend on an Apple iPad. At £120 I expect them to work!

  3. Well thats made my mind up on what not to buy. Sorry youre having so much trouble with it. I hope you find a resolution soon.

  4. That’s interesting Julie…thank you very much! X

  5. I would take this up with trading standards. Perhaps take it in to your local Tesco Extra and see if they will change it. Often Customer Services are less stroppy in person,

  6. I have had many problems with Tesco recently. They failed me majorly with different electrical item to yours and I had to fight tooth and nail to get a refund. Please never give up and fight for your rights, as the rights are on your side.
    Sorry to hear the Hudl didn’t live up to your expectations, its disgraceful to see so many others having problems. You would think Tesco would fix these problems immediately for customers.

  7. Oh my – you have been good in persevering with this – by now I’d have switched to another make of tablet. I hope you have better luck with your sixth device!

  8. You really haven’t had good luck with your hudl at all have you? My daughter got a hudl for Christmas, and my son had a nexus 7 and we have found the hudl to be more reliable. I’m not sure it can be said that its braking because it is bargain basement, I have heard many stories about ipads having common faults too, infact I’m not a fab of apple they really aren’t as god as everyone makes out and way over priced.
    Its a hard situation here, because like you say the hudl is a good tablet but having it swapped 5 times since Christmas time is appaling. I hope the one that arrives is working properly for you!

    1. I think anything electrical is prone to faults, and I know that Hudl generally do have a fairly good write up. Other than the first one I haven;t had any real issues with the actual device, just the charging ports. I’m following a thread on the Tesco Facebook page, and every day more and more people add to it with the same problem. Hopefully they will sit up and realise there is an issue. We’ve since had the replacement and so far it seems ok so hopefully we’ve finally got a decent one!

  9. Hi,
    My son got the hudl in Nov last year and by March this year the charger fault had stopped it charging properly. We got a replacement only for it to happen again this month (August). I called the help line and they gave me a ref to go back to store to get a replacement. When I got there the lady looked at it and said “arh, yes it’s been damaged!” So I said “well my son has a mobile and that charger has never had any problems”. Then she said they only had the black in stock did I just want a refund? Or exchange for something else? A bit surprised I said I’d like to see what other tablets they had. I decided the best one was the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7inch. So we ordered that for the next day and only paid an extra £18 as it should have been £159 but they knocked £10 off and I doubled up some clubcard points. He now has his new tab and it’s much better. The lady at the counter even commented that it’s a much better device. I just wish tesco would own up that there is a problem with the charging port. (Just want to point out this was done with reciept) Guess you have to catch the right person at the right time as others weren’t offered this, we were the lucky ones.

    1. Thanks for your comment – it is ridiculous. I think if I have any more problems I will go to store as everyone seems to have a much better experience with them in there. Glad you got a replacement – I will be getting a Galaxy tab if it goes again!

  10. Having the same problem, after buying 3 tesco chargers at an astounding £15 per charger (over the course of 6 months), my daughters Hudl is still not charging up. It did charge if the charger cable was held at a certain angle or propped up in a specific position for a while, but now it isn’t charging at all. The chargers seems loose in the Hudl.
    I just bought a second hand notebook laptop for her and giving up on the Hudl, maybe you could send Tesco a screen shot of this page as Tesco staff looked at me as if i had two heads when i tried to speak with customer service about the problem and i had no luck phoning or emailing them either. I was outright accused of causing the damage myself or not following instructions properly on how to plug in the charger and to refer to the manual guide on how to plug it in, which i thought was cheeky as it is pretty straight forward to plug in a charger and they spoke to me as if i was an idiot.

  11. Just about to take delivery of a third one, previous both problems with charging port. Funnily enough tesco did not mention an inherent problem. Our years guarantee runs out soon and I told the this and said I was of the opinion I should refuse a third and replace it with something else. Was told I couldn’t do this but that they honour guarantee longer than 12 months if problems with a product but strangely couldn’t send me an email to confirm this. Lost all faith in credibility of tescos.

    1. I would definitely consider having something different. Touch wood our seventh model has been ok, but it is not been used very often any more which is a shame. I really hope that the new model of hudl have been sorted! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment – hope you get it all sorted!

  12. I ordered two Hudl’s for my daughters last Christmas – I have so far had three replacements for each one! My 8 year old has had two with failed charging points, my 11 year old has had a failed charging point, a failed screen and is now got a replacement that turns itself off as soon as the log-in screen appears. I am about to ask for a full refund for both units since Tesco has failed to provide me with a product that is “fit for purpose” – wish me luck!

  13. They are a load of crap I am on the verge of sending my second one back and if I have any trouble sending it back I am going to trading standerds both times the charger keeps coming out its to Loos e so the hudi will not charge.I am using a archos I had 2 Years ago and I have not had any trouble with it

  14. Hi. Am in the process of trying to get a refund for my second Hudl. The tech support said they would repair it but I am not sure that the repair would last. I emailed the CEO of Tesco and on Thursday last week I got a call from them. Eventually I have been offered a new Hudl2 which I accepted only if the warranty had 12months on it. Assured it would and there are no issues with them. Today received email saying only a repair offered ! ! ! Looks like trading standards will have a visit.


  16. Charging port on my hudl is faulty and won’t charge at all. Rang Tesco tech support and was so disappointed with their service ! Asked to speak to a manager. When he came on the line he was so rude and condescending. Definitely not a good advertisement for Tesco !! When I explained that there were hundreds of complaints about the hudl on-line he replied, we sell hundreds of thousands of this product so a few hundred don’t matter !!

  17. hahahahaha as a mother of 6 we got 3 of the youngest hudls my oldest boy on second replacement charger point my other son and daughter are on 1st new charger point bless my poor dad who keeps repairing them all – so glad I got youngest girl an acer which is lasting brilliantly so far lol http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Replacement-Charge-Board-Port-Socket-Micro-USB-Port-PCB-for-Hudl-HT7B16S3-/361306399084?hash=item541f8a216c if anyone needs replacement and https://uk.video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=A9mSs2kKPQRWGBoA8LxLBQx.;_ylu=X3oDMTByZmVxM3N0BGNvbG8DaXIyBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–?p=Youtube+Hudl+Charger+Point+Repair&fr=mcafee#id=1&vid=67f7b94d7d46d74bda27decfb78400cf&action=view is how to fix

  18. I am having the same trouble but my hudl is out of warranty so I have to persiver with waggling the charger till it catches and make sure it is out of the way off every thing because one touch and it stops charging.

  19. Just spoke to tesco regarding an 18 month old hudl 1. The screen has gone blank. Best they can do is a refund of £50 (paid £120). We also have the charging issue.

  20. I also had the charging port issue. Hudl was 18 months old – other half spoke to Tesco Customer Service and they sent courier to collect it and after a week it was returned fully working and updated. 8 months later and charging port not working again. I searched online and sent off for a new port (£3.99). I had watched you tube video on how to replace it and it took me 5 minutes and Hudl now up and working again. Hope this helps anyone.

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