4 Ways to Save Money on Buying Clothes

One thing I ‘ve realised since having kids is whatever you need comes last. I put my trainers on the other day and I realised they were starting to fall apart, and I desperately needed a new pair. The very same day, Harrison told me that his shoes were starting to feel a little bit tight. Harrison’s shoes obviously came first, meaning I have to wait now until we have a bit of spare money to buy my trainers. That’s what happens when you have kids. I’m still wearing clothes from years ago because I just can’t afford to replace them yet.

However, there are a few ways you can save money on buying clothes and shoes, and I’ve shared a few of these tips below:

Say no to whole collections

Many stores try to seduce you into buying a full outfit in one go – tops, bottoms, shoes and even hats. They’re often beautifully displayed on mannequins, enticing you to buy the entire lot, hitting your wallet hard. If you have gone to buy a specific item, stick to buying that one item. Don’t buy everything else in the collection. The chances are you already have clothes at home to go with it.

Shop online and use vouchers

Like shopping for most things, going online for clothing can be a great way of saving money. Have a mooch around on the internet to see what deals and vouchers you can find.

Sell or trade old clothes

One fun way renewing your wardrobe is to swap with friends who are the same size. You can also buy second-hand clothing – car boots and Facebook selling sites are great places to do this.

Visit second hand and charity shops

No longer places to be sneered at, second-hand shops and charity shops can be places of hidden treasures. Look carefully and you might find some real vintage gems! A few year ago I bought a gorgeous maxi dress that was from M&S for £4 – I still wear it all the time in the summer!

What are your top tips for saving money on buying clothes?

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  1. I also shop in the sales a year in advance, so I have just bought summer clothes for my daughter that will fit her next week. Doing this I get clothes at 50% of the price and some really gorgeous bits too.

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