#12 Days of Parenting: How becoming a parent changed the holidays


Welcome to day 3 of the ’12 days of parenting series’, and if you’ve discovered my blog through Spice Life Laugh, welcome! If you’ve just come on and wondering what the hell the 12 days of parenting series is all about, have a look here for the low down. Today’s post is about how becoming a parent changed the holidays for me.

How becoming a parent has changed the holidays for me

Remember those days when Christmas was about consuming as much alcohol as you possibly could and passing out on the sofa after lunch whilst watching some naff film? Yeah, those days are LONG gone. Having kids changes everything!

Going shopping

Before kids, I used to love going Christmas shopping. Not only did I actually have money, but I could go into town the week before and get it all done in a couple of hours, leaving plenty of time to go and have a drink or four at the Christmas market. Since having the kids, I frantically read gift guides for kids, and sit on the laptop ordering stuff when they’re asleep. Long gone are the days where Graham and I could spend a small fortune on each other. We are lucky if we remember to get each other a Christmas card

Christmas parties

I would spend weeks planning my outfit for the Christmas party. I’d spend a lovely morning in the hairdressers having my hair highlighted, and go home and get ready with a few drinks and some loud music playing. I could drink as much as I wanted because the next day I could stay in bed and watch crap TV and eat junk. Now, it’s throw a home hair dye kit on the night before, then spend the next day trying to find something in my wardrobe that isn’t a long top or a pair of leggings. Make up is thrown on ten minutes before leaving the house, whilst tying to dodge the one year old’s snotty nose. The next day is spent nursing the hangover from hell, whilst watching back to back episodes of Peppa Pig.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, in life before kids, was a lovely relaxing day. We’d pop into town to do a few last minute bits of shopping and soak up the festive atmosphere. We’d go and visit relatives, before either going home for a few drinks or heading to the pub. Now it’s spent trying to explain to two excitable children for the 24th day in a row that no, it is not Christmas Day yet and praying the skies are clear enough to see the space station.Christmas Eve night is hours of Graham trying to get them to go to sleep whilst I hunt down where I’ve hidden all the presents, remembering to take a bite of the mince pie they left for Santa and tidying up!

Christmas day

Admittedly, I did still used to get up early on Christmas Day, but the option to sleep was there. Now, we are woken up at the crack of dawn by excitable children, who will not let me have a much needed cup of coffee before delving into the pile of presents. Present opening is no longer a calm affair – instead there is wrapping paper flying everywhere, cardboard boxes discarded, and screeching kids. We will be heading over to my parents for Christmas dinner, and instead of having a long, leisurely lunch – well, you can only imagine what it is like with a 4 year old, 3 year old and 13 month old! Afternoons are now spent putting various toys together and trying to resist throwing the noisy toys that someone always decides to buy out of the window.

Christmas has changed a lot since becoming a parent – and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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