#12 Days of Parenting: My List to Santa


Hello again, and to anyone who has popped over from Mummy Lala, welcome!! Today is my second post in the 12 Days of Parenting series, which over 60 bloggers are taking part in! Don’t forget to enter the competition, which is at the bottom of the post. All terms and conditions, and more information about the 12 Days of Parenting can be found here. Today’s posts are sponsored by Babybundle, who are donating a Hoppy or a Patch to the grand prize draw.

Today’s post is a little insight into what I would have asked Santa for this year…

Dear Santa…

My name is Rachel, and I am 30 years old. I’ve mostly been a good girl this year. Mostly.

I don’t ask for a lot, but for Christmas this year, I would really like the following:

  • A bath. In peace. Without a 4 year old hammering on the door shouting ‘Mommmyyyyyyy, I need a poo’, a 3 year old barging in to play with a plastic penguin, and a 1 year old who has escaped the boundaries of the lounge.
  • A trip to the toilet alone. See above.
  • To be able to have something to eat without a small boy hovering, dribbling and stealing it off me.
  • To be able to drink a cup of coffee whilst it’s still hot. Whilst on the subject of coffee, I’d quite like a posh coffee machine as well.
  • A full nights sleep. You know, one where I’m not searching down the side of a bed for a glow in the dark dummy that certainly does not glow in the dark.
  • To get to 6pm on the evening and not have a flat mobile phone because a certain 3 year old keeps nicking it to watch Kinder Egg videos
  • To go 24 hours without watching Peppa bloody Pig
  • For someone to come and put the two baskets of clean washing away
  • A new planner. Three kids under 5 has completely pickled my brain. If it ain’t written down, it doesn’t happen
  • To wear clothes for more than ten minutes without a trail of snot or dribble appearing across them

To be honest Santa, I know you can’t perform miracles, so just pop that coffee machine and planner under the tree and I’ll be happy.

Lots of love,

Rachel xx

For more grown up letters to Santa and Christmas lists, please pop on over to The Mad House of Cats and Babies where you can gain further entries into the grand prize draw. Full terms and conditions can be found on the 12 Days of Parenting website. UK residents only. Today’s code word is TEETHING.

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