Pink hair, Malory Towers and Doris #LittleLoves

This is a bit of a bumper one this week as I completely missed last weeks! It’s been half term here in Wales, and whilst it started off really nicely, spending the weekend in Birmingham seeing our family, the rest of it has been a bit ‘meh’. I hate it when school holidays are like this but a combination of crap weather and no car whilst Graham was at work put a bit of a stop to pretty much any plans I had. Still, today is a bit better and it’s sunny – I think we might go to the beach this evening!


I’ve done a fair bit of reading the past few weeks. I found my old copy of Malory Towers by Enid Blyton in the cupboard and really enjoyed reading it. I need to go and dig out all the other ones – they’re so cheesy and old fashioned but lovely. I’m now reading ‘Gone Girl’, which I found at my mums house (we stay in my brother’s old bedroom when we are there). I was looking forward to reading it because I love the film, but a few chapters in and I’m not loving it to be honest. I’ll keep going with it though!

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The Changing of the Seasons

Despite the fact that the rain is beating on the window and the wind is howling, rattling the iron gate outside our bedroom window, spring is coming. Daffodils and snowdrops are poking through in the garden, the nights are slowly getting lighter, and the air is just that little bit warmer. Living in Birmingham, I never paid much attention to the changing of the seasons. Everything just seemed grey and miserable, whatever the season. Maybe that was just my mood, maybe it was the environment. Here, I’m so much more aware of the colours of the leaves, the time the sun rises and sets, how warm the air is.

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World Book Day Costume – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Thursday 2nd March sees the annual World Book Day celebrations, and parents all over the country will be letting out a collective groan when they realise they need to send their kids to school dressed up as a character from a book.

A few years ago, when it was Harrison’s first World Book Day at nursery, I knew I wasn’t going to buy one and would make one instead.

I am RUBBISH at sewing. I’m not even sure we own a needle and thread (that’s what my mum is for!), so I needed something that didn’t involve sewing.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar World Book Day Costume

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Meal Planning Monday

Gosh, this seems to have come around quickly this week!! We pretty much stuck to the plan again and I even cooked a few meals ahead for this week. It’s half term for us and Graham is back at work finally, so I knew I wanted to be as organised as possible. We literally have a drawer full of frozen meals in the freezer for weeks like this now, so this week will be mostly a case of defrosting them and bunging them in the microwave – best sort of cooking!

Meal Planning Monday

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Just Us Box: Making Memories

I hate the term ‘date nights’, I really do. Like, really get irritated by it. But at the same time, I can absolutely see why people do them and make a thing about them. Since we had our eldest child almost six years ago, I can count on one hand the amount of evenings that Graham and I have had to ourselves, to spend time as a couple.

Sure, when the kids are all in bed we might stick a film on and watch it together, but it’s still quite a singular activity. We don’t talk whilst we are watching it, and to be honest, it’s something we could easily do on our own. Most nights are spent me working on my laptop and Graham watching NCIS or whatever.

When we were given the chance to review a ‘Just Us Box’, I thought it would be a nice idea.  The ‘Just Us Box’ is a monthly subscription box to create your own date nights, starting at £18 a month. Each month has a different theme and the January one was ‘Making Memories’ We’ve been together almost 14 years, and we always used to do silly things together. Obviously, now it’s all about the kids, so the thought of spending a couple of hours concentrating on the two of us and making some memories and thinking back to memories was lovely.

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Rugby and Pizza: A Lads Night In

As the only female in the house, I knew that at some point I would be a spectator to a lad’s night in. Turns out that first lad’s night was on the weekend when England played Wales in the Six Nations Cup.

The absolute necessities for a truly great lad’s night in are pizza and beer. As three out of the four lads in our house are under 18, the beer was substituted for blackcurrant squash, but they definitely had the pizza, thanks to Chicago Town.

A Lads Night In

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#VicksTricks: Dealing with Snot and Sniffles

Kids are little germ balls. FACT.

I like to think that before I started teaching and had my own kids, I had a pretty good immune system. Then, when surrounded by children with questionable hygiene habits, dripping noses and who loved to cough all over me, it took a nose dive, and I was picking up cold after cold after cold.

Dealing with Snot and Sniffles

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Meal Planning Monday

We did much better sticking to the meal plan this week. On Saturday we had a movie night and some Chicago Town frozen pizzas we had for a blog post, and we did have a cheeky McDonalds on Friday because we both felt a bit under the weather and not really up to cooking. Those meals have just been put onto this week’s meal plan. Graham is back at work this week, albeit it just for the one night shift before starting properly again next week so it will be easier to stick to – he’s the bad influence!

Meal Planning Monday

This week’s meal plan:

Monday: Pulled pork in rolls with coleslaw and wedges

Tuesday: Pork steaks with creamy mushroom sauce

Wednesday: Butter chicken and rice

Thursday: Baked potatoes with chilli or cheese and beans

Friday: Bacon wrapped chicken, roast potatoes and veg

Saturday: In Birmingham

Sunday: In Birmingham

Best Friends on the Beach

This week we had Alex’s best friend, Holly, around for lunch and for a play. It was a lovely sunny day so we took them down to the beach to look for shells. I love how close these two are, despite only knowing each other since November. Something just seemed to ‘click’ between them. It also made me insanely proud of what a little gentleman we are bringing up – he helped her over the rocks, carried her book bag for her and really looked after her. I think they will be friends for many years to come

Best Friends on the Beach

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Beauty and the Beast, Raincoats and Sia #LittleLoves

SUCH a cliche, but this Friday has rolled around so fast. I’m sure it was Monday yesterday! I didn’t have a great start to the week – on Friday I came down with what I think was either nasty water infection or even a kidney stone. Whatever it was, it made me feel really, really rotten for a couple of days and I ended up spending Saturday in bed. Thankfully, I woke up on Sunday and it had gone, but it was not nice at all.

Beauty and the Beast, Raincoats and Sia

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Mr Kipling Valentine Cakes | Review and Giveaway

I bloody love cake. I even named my blog after cake. Can you imagine my excitement when Mr Kipling (well, not the man himself obviously!) got in touch and asked if I wanted to see their extra special loved up cakes, just in time for Valentines Day? Possibly the highlight of my blogging career so far. There was also a vague mention of some sort of bou-cake, whatever one of those was, but to be honest, I was just looking forward to cake.

Mr Kipling Valentine Cakes Review and Giveaway

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Meal Planning Monday #6

Welcome to another Meal Planning Monday! These seem to be really, really popular for some reason, and it’s keeping us pretty organised. Well, I say that, but last week was a disaster and I think we stuck to it once! Graham was home for most of the week because of the fire at his workplace which threw me out, I kept forgetting to get thins out of the freezer and then I was poorly at the end of the week so dinner was up to Graham. It felt really chaotic at meal times and it made me realise just how helpful planning meals is! Hopefully, this week we will be back on top of things!

Meal Planning Monday

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Little Life Toddler Backpack and Reins | Review

By their second birthday, both Harrison and Alex had completely given up using a pushchair.  They didn’t really have a choice – each time there was a younger brother who needed it and I was not going to buy a double pushchair! It was easy enough dealing with two toddlers walking – one holding each hand.

Benjamin is now well past his 2nd birthday but is still using his pushchair. I know that’s pretty standard – most two-year-olds are – but I want to start encouraging him to walk a little more. The school run is too far for his little legs at the moment, but there’s no reason he can’t walk when we do shorter walks down to the beach. In fact, that’s where I need him to give up the buggy – I can’t push it on the beach so he has to walk. It’s not quite as easy managing three young kids walking on my own though – I only have two hands! This is where the Little Life Toddler Backpack and Reins is becoming very useful!

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Fires, Chinese New Year and Nelly #LittleLoves

Blimey, where did January go? It felt like the longest month ever, but at the same time it feels like it was Christmas just last week. I’m pretty glad January is over. It’s far from my favourite month as it is, but we all seemed to be constantly ill and cooped up. Already, I’m feeling better! This week has been a LOT more interesting than last week!

Fires, Chinese New Year and Nelly Little Loves


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What Do Women Really Want On Valentines Day?

Us women are notorious for not really knowing what we want. Have you ever seen that film,’What Women Want’ by Mel Gibson? Well, I don’t know about you, but that sums up me most of the time. Graham is always struggling to choose gifts for me because I change my mind about everything so often.

I’m sure he is not the only one. I know my brothers have text me in the past asking for help and advice when choosing a gift for our mum or their girlfriends. I know if they asked the recipient outright, they would get a straight answer, but where is the fun in that?

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Indra Celtic Tree of Life Leather Journal | Review

Those of you who know me in ‘real life’ will know just how much of a stationery addict I am. There is nothing quite like the promise of a new, unused notebook. What makes a new, unused notebook even more special is a new unused notebook that is fair trade, eco – friendly and handmade, like this beautiful Indra Celtic Tree of Life Leather Journal, from Paper high.

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An Unintentional Dry January

So, I’ve just completed ‘Dry January’. As in went the entire month without touching a drop of alcohol. I didn’t have anyone sponsor me for it – no one even knew I was doing it. Not even me!

You see, I didn’t set out to avoid alcohol this month. I’ve always thought January was the month where I’m more likely to want a drink or three – January blues and all that. Combined with Graham going back to work full time and me having the kids on my own whilst he does his 12-hour shifts, I thought I would be reaching for that wine bottle a few times.

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