The Duke of Lancaster

Every time we have been to Wales, we have driven past an old rusty ship, in Mostyn. We never managed to get quite close enough to see it properly until last weekend when we went to Wales for the day. We found the pathway that led down to where the ship was moored to get a better look at it.

I’ve also been really fascinated by rusty ships, but I also think they’re really creepy. They’re the perfect setting for a ghost story, and are usually full of history. We managed to get a couple of photos of the ship before the rain came down, but as soon as we got home I researched it as I finally knew the name – The Duke of Lancaster. 

The Duke of Lancaster |

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Transforming Your Bathroom

Living in a rented property means very little choice or freedom over what your home looks like. We can give it a lick of paint when and where it needs it, but that’s about it. Luckily, this house is ok, apart from the bathroom.

Don;t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with it as such. It’s in fairly decent condition (we have lived with some horrors in previous houses!), but it’s very, very basic. There is a toilet, sink and shower cubicle, and that’s it.

As much as we love having a huge shower, the kids and I really miss having a bath. There’s nothing like having a long soak in the bath after a long day, and the kids used to love having a splash about. Still, that’s something we don;’t have much of a say over.

Transforming your bathroom |

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One of Those Days

I think we are pretty lucky with our three boys. When people realise we have three boys, all aged five and under, they look amazed and comment on how difficult it must be. We laugh along and nod our heads, but generally, it’s really not that bad. They can have their moments, but they’re generally very well behaved. They’re all really close and get on well, so there’s rarely any bickering.


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Monarch Airlines: A Spanish Fiesta

A few weeks ago I attended probably one of the best blogging events I have been to so far. It was a Spanish themed event hosted by Monarch Airlines to celebrate the very best of Barcelona and Madrid.

It was a lovely intimate event, with just a small group of us being treated to a real Spanish experience, involving lots of sangria, tapas, and flamenco dancing, all at the beautiful Amantia restaurant in Birmingham city centre.

Spain is such a beautiful country, and I love anything associated with it, so to spend an evening immersed in its culture with two of my best blogging buddies, Zara from Mojo Blogs and Louise from Birds and Lilies was my idea of perfection.

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Being in the Picture

A couple of months ago, I was asked to send a photo to someone for an article. The photo needed to be of me and the kids. Hours of searching through the many, many photos I have saved (and I am talking thousands!) and all the pictures on Facebook proved pointless. There wasn’t any. Not a single photo of the three boys and me. We had to try and get one really quickly on the sofa, in really poor light.

Being in the picture |

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The Soothing of the Sea

Up until about six years ago I was never really a fan of the beach. It was alright for a few days, but the sand used to irritate me, and I’d much prefer looking around the towns than going to the seaside when we were on holiday. I was definitely a city girl.

Then something changed. I’m not sure exactly what made me feel so different. A couple of months before I found out I was pregnant with Harrison, we went on a big family holiday to a cottage in Wales. It was up in the hills in North Wales, with no mobile phone signal and no local shop. It was surrounded by countryside and overlooked the beach. It was stunning.

The soothing of the sea |

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Top Tips for a Family Friendly Kitchen

Although many will view the living room as the social hub of the home, the kitchen is the area that should lend itself to being the focal point of family gatherings. It is the place where we eat together, cook together and talk together. It doesn’t need a TV or games console to bring everyone into one room and it can be a place to make fond memories.Creating a space that is family-friendly and enticing to all the members of the family is simple to do. It just requires some creativity with the space that you have.

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Campbells Prime Meat Review

For the past few months, we have been ordering our meat online from a local online butcher. We’ve found that the meat generally tastes a lot better than what we can get from the supermarket, and it’s much more convenient. When we were asked if we wanted to place an order with Campbells Prime Meat, a family run butchers established in Edinburgh in 1910, we decided to give them a go. After all, a butcher that has been around for over 100 years has got to be ok, right?

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5 Ideas for Chocolate Spread

5 Ideas for Chocolate Spread |
Chocolate spread is a favourite in our house. We get through quite a lot of it – and it isn’t just the kids! The one thing that does worry me with most of it is the amount of sugar in them. I’d never heard of Jim Jams Spreads before, but when I discovered they did their own chocolate and hazelnut spread with 83% less sugar than their more well-known counterparts, I was pleased. I could finally feel a little bit less guilty about those chocolate spread sandwiches the kids love so much! Not only that but they are gluten-free as well.
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Blowing Dandelions #MySundayPhoto

Earlier this week we went for a walk around Sheldon Country Park, which is about ten minutes down the road. Sadly, there has been a big festival there the previous day, and it was absolutely covered in litter which spoilt it a bit. We walked a bit further on than we normally walk, and found a spot which was right at the bottom of the runway at Birmingham airport. We spent a good half hour there watching the planes land and take off. Harrison spotted some dandelion clocks in the long grass, and blew the heads off them.


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Helping Your Toddler Gets the Nutrients They Need with SMA® PRO Toddler Milk’?

*Sponsored post by SMA Nutrition

Alex, our middle son, is now three years old. He, unlike our eldest and youngest, was breastfed until two months short of his 2nd birthday. We then moved over to cow’s milk (the Department of Health says that cow’s milk should not be given as a main drink before 12 months old). Boy, did he drink a lot of it! All three of the boys have been absolute milk monsters, and would drink it all day if we let them.

SMA Nutrition |

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Degustabox July 2016

For the past couple of months we have been reviewing the Degustabox, which is a subscription box full of food and drink delivered to your door each month. We loved our May and June ones, so we were waiting with anticipation for the July one.

What we really love about the Degustaboxes is the variety of the products included, and the fact it has given us chance to try out so many new things that we probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

So, what was in this months box?

Degustabox July 2016 |

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10 Gifts for Pokemon Go Fans

10 Gifts for Pokemon Go Fans |

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you will have noticed that Pokémon Go is kind of a BIG deal at the moment. People of all ages are off, exploring the streets to find them – children, teenagers, and even adults! With this in mind, I’ve put together a little gift guide for the Pokémon lovers in your life!

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The Decline of Outdoor Play

Our three boys love being outside. I’m regularly having to run into the garden, and drag Benjamin in at 7am, when he’s escaped through the cat flap into the garden whilst stark naked. They are all at their happiest when they are out in the garden, getting some fresh air and burning off some energy. On days like today, when it has just been raining too hard for them to play outside, they are miserable and moping about by the patio door. At the very first break in the rain, they’ll be outside, with their wellies and raincoats on.

The decline of outdoor play |

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Dinosaurs Awaken Maize Maze at National Forest Adventure Farm

During the Easter holidays, we visited the National Forest Adventure Farm and had a really, really good day there. We found that there was plenty to do there to keep all of us amused, and it was definitely somewhere that we wanted to visit again. You can imagine how pleased we were when we were invited back to explore the Dinosaurs Awaken Maize Maze.

The maze, which is there until September 4th, is the latest attraction at the National Forest Adventure Farm, and is perfect for any kids who love dinosaurs. Ours, even though they are only young, absolutely love the Jurassic Park films, and have been excited to go ever since we broke up from school. Knowing how great the farm and the giant soft play centre was from before, we invited my brother along with us, who is a big kid at heart!

Dinosaur Awakens Maize Maze |

Unfortunately, we managed to pick what seems to have been the wettest day in a long time to go for our visit, and that put a bit of a dampener on the day (literally!). We managed to get absolutely soaked, and didn’t stay as long and do as much as we did when we went before. What it did mean that the outside areas were a lot quieter – we were the only nutters outside!

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A Week on Instagram #10

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed a huge change in the style of my photos over the past couple of weeks. Instead of random (and usually crap!) snaps from my iPhone, they’re much more considered, and hopefully, much prettier!

Almost none of my photos recently have been ‘live’ ones – in fact, most of them were taken last year or earlier this year, but they are all photos that I am proud of. Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform, and yet it is the one I didn’t take as much care over. As well as sharing images with followers, I also want it to be something nice for me to look back on, something pretty. That is the sort of aim I’m going for from now on. It will still be our lives, but just the nicer photos. That’s not to say it’s not ‘real’ – they’ll probably be some photos of the kids looking like they’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, and things like that, but the actual quality of my photos will be better and a bit more curated.

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A walk along the locks

We were supposed to go to a charity event last Sunday, but at the last minute there was a bit of a mix-up, so we didn’t go. It was far too nice to sit around and waste the day, so when my mum phoned and asked if we wanted to go for a walk with them and the dogs, we jumped in the car.

We headed over  to Hatton Locks, which is a series of 21 locks along the Grand Union Canal, in Warwickshire. We’ve been there many times – it’s only about 25 minutes away in the car, but it feels a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of Birmingham. It’s so beautiful and peaceful and is a favourite spot of ours.


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